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Joe Budden Jumps On Pictures With R-Mean For Mean Mondays Series

The Annihilating East Coast Rapper Joins The Ranks On “PICTURES” For week 22 of #MeanMonday R-Mean joins forces with none other than Joe Budden, a well known rapper who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. The two emcees did just that on this weeks release, “Pictures”. On the record, the two rappers talk about self-awareness and lost identities. Social media is a […]

R-Mean Joe Budden Pictures

The Game Jumps On The Remix of R-Means Open Wounds [LISTEN]

Check out R-Means latest record  featuring The Game. Open Wounds, is a song dedicated to exposing the atrocities committed by the Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey) in 1915 in which they attempted to annihilate the Armenian people, expresses the despair and sadness of what his ancestors faced in their fight to survive. Check it out below. […]

The Game Open Wounds

Does R-Mean have beef with Funk Master Flex on Hallelujah?

“I killed Sway like 10 times where you at Flex”? Hallelujah. Week 14 of “Mean Mondays” is finally here and as promised R-Mean has released his 14th installment entitled Hallelujah, for his 52-week-long series. Just in case anybody’s wondering, yes, it’s a hit. Alongside R-Mean on the track is Joe Peshi. The flow of each […]

r-mean- Hallelujah