Mean Mondays Week 8: R-Mean Blasts Donald Trump In “Land Of The Free”


The Dynamic Hip-Hop Artist Officially Releases His 8th Segment Of 52 For #MeanMondays

R-Mean is the first rapper of American – Armenian descent to achieve international and national acclaim. As a result of his mountainous ancestral republic sound the rapper became the chosen one of his cultures expression of Hip-Hop.

“Land Of The Free” is R-Means’ lyrical attack on America’s corrupt political system. The 8th and newest release from R-Mean’s 52-week-long series, “Mean Mondays” features Big K.R.I.T. The two linked in December when they were both a part of Sway’s epic end of the year DoomsDay Cypher. R-Mean was one of the chosen emcees and Big K.R.I.T. along with Pete Rock supplied the beats for the cypher.

The DoomsDay Cypher quickly became the highest rated show on Revolt TV within 6 months and showed viewers R-Mean’s lyrical prowess. His strong and loyal fan base never fails to show how his music touches their lives. R-Mean Land of the free

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