Smooth B Discusses Being Inducted Into The Hip-Hop Museum in DC, How Bobby Brown Launched His Career, The Origins Of Nice & Smooth, And More

Smooth B of Nice & Smooth

Smooth B of the legendary rap group Nice & Smooth drops into The Library With Tim to talk about why he chose to become a rapper, helping to launch Bobby Brown’s career, forming Nice & Smooth and more!

On October 8th Rakim, Kool Moe Dee, Pete Rock, Nice & Smooth, and DJ Kid Capri will be inducted into The Hip-Hop Museum of DC.

The event will be hosted by world-renown comedian and Hip-Hop aficionado Russell Peters who says, “even as a Canadian kid, Hip-Hop raised me, and it’s the lens thru which I’ve seen the world.”

As a part of the Gala, Peters will sit down with the inductees as his guests for a special taping of his podcast “Culturally Cancelled.”

The Grand Induction Gala will also feature The Hip-Hop Museum’s Executive Director, Master Gee, a founding member of The Sugarhill Gang.

There will be many VIP Hip-Hop Legends in the building for the Grand Gala, including Chiefrocker Busy Bee, who was the 1st solo MC signed to Sugarhill Records.

Krazy Drayz of DAS EFX will be showing off his new Cannabis
Strain “Googley Goo.” Plus, super-producer Domingo will be co-hosting the podcast, and Hip-Hop Historian Jay Quan will deliver the induction speeches.

This week on Presents The Library with Tim Einenkel, Tim is joined by the legendary Smooth B.

The Nice & Smooth founding member discusses the significance of being inducted and the impact each of his fellow inductees has had on him as an artist.

The Hip Hop Junkie also talks about the origins of Nice & Smooth, seeing his first Grandmaster Flash jam as an 11-year-old, going from breaking to MCing, and what role Bobby Brown and Sleeping Bag Records played in his career.

The Bronx MC also shares stories of how he cleared samples by Tracy Chapman, Sir Elton John, and the late, great Prince, in addition to working with DJ Premier, legitimacy of white MCs in hip hop, and so much more.