Baltimore City Councilman Keeps It 100 With Fox News


This Fox News reporter got the interview he was not looking for.  Nick Mosby, a member of the Baltimore City Council stated on air – “The vast majority of protesters in Baltimore are peaceful, and they’re doing their best to put their city back together. The media should focus on that.”

“This is bigger than Freddie Gray,” he continued. “This is about the social economics of poor urban America. These young guys are frustrated, they’re upset and unfortunately they’re displaying it in a very destructive manner. When folks are undereducated, unfortunately they don’t have the same intellectual voice to express it the way other people do, and that’s what we see through the violence today.”

At the end of a short interview with Fox News reporter Leland Vittert on the streets of West Baltimore Monday night, , decided he had enough. “At this point, this is not productive,” Mosby said, walking away from Vittert. “All you want to do is talk about…”