Teacher Caught Sexting 12 Year Old Student!

Charges Filed Against Putnam City Teacher Accused Of Sexting Student

The Putnam City teacher at the center of a sexting scandal with a 14-year-old student was charged with one count of Soliciting Sex from a Minor and Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance.The charges against Whitney Fetters, who taught Spanish at Hefner Middle School, came down on Wednesday.

According to court documents, the two began texting while the boy was a 12-year-old student in her class. Investigators say that by the time the boy went on to high school the text messages became sexual in nature. Fetters is accused of exchanging at least 20 nude photos and videos of themselves performing sex acts and Snap Chats.

Investigators also said Fetters invited the teen to stay the night with her and engage in sexual intercourse, but authorities were made aware of the situation before that happened.