2007 Fashion Ins and Outs

  Now that 2007 has come and gone, it’s a thankful day that we have some new fashion to look forward to in 2008. I’m not an official fashionista, but I’ve been known to rock a hot outfit at the right moment, and I do have eyes. Granted, there were a few things from the […]



that 2007 has come and gone, it’s a thankful day that we have some new fashion

to look forward to in 2008. I’m not an official fashionista, but I’ve been known to rock a

hot outfit at the right moment, and I do have eyes. Granted, there were a few things from the year

that should stick around a while, but we all are very aware that some of this

mess has got to go!First off, our man Will.I.Am gets the default photo in this article because he is one of the most unique dressers I’ve ever met in my life. Funny thing is, he dressed like this before the millions – he really just has his own way with it. He turned weird and funky into a look all his own, and now people are trying to look like him. He gets my vote for most stylish artist of 2007. 

Regardless of how unique we’d all like to think we are, trends do take hold. Last

year was the “comeback” of ‘80s style. The Retro Kids went to the extreme with

it in a fun way. They even strutted their stuff at the AllHipHop Week Fashion

Show! On cooler days, we could catch ladies rocking legwarmers, chucks

and even a little neon. Fro-hawks were all the rage (if only we could forget

about Sanjaya’s “ponyhawk” on American Idol now!) In the vein of the retro look, it

wasn’t surprising to see blue and green eye shadow. The addition of good

eyeliner techniques and well made fake eyelashes gave these bright colors a

nice new twist. Ladies

also came extra fly with the doorknocker bamboo earrings and other ‘80s fashion




bags were the “it” thing to collect, and it looks like you’ll see even more in the

new year. Here are a couple of gems – a flashy silver bag by Marc Jacobs and a sassy bronze number by Gucci:


Micro mini dresses and mini dress tops, leggings

and sexy fishnets were definitly in. Now if only we

could have gotten Britney, Paris and the other flashers to rock some drawls. (I don’t know who edited this photo, but hats off to your photo shop skills!)


on the ‘80s tip, we saw guys like Yung Joc sporting the high-top and bi-level

fades. Gold

dookie chains were all the rage, and who can be mad at that? Kangol made a big

comeback too. LL Cool J was the king of Kangol and fat chains in the ‘80s, and

you can look for him in 2008 doing big things with his new Todd Smith clothing

line.LL in 1989 (one of the greatest albums ever!): LL in 2007 at MAGIC (I actually snapped this pic myself): Classics

like Adidas never go out of style, but 2007 definitely did them justice. Even

Cazals got their shine again!While

men made some fashion faux-pas like the horrid skin-tight jeans (and we know a

lot of y’all shopped at the women’s section in the Gap to get those skinny

jeans! Shame on you!) it was more 2005+ for those of you who went with lines

like True Religion, Seven For All Mankind and other brands for that “rock star”

fit. There’s a big difference between tight jeans and jeans that fit. Please

find a happy place in ’08!Super Skinny (doesn’t this hurt your private parts??):Rock Star (nice fit, with that vintage wash look to boot):Some

‘80s things that we should be hella thankful didn’t make a true comeback at all: Big hair with bangs (I wonder if this kid was affected in his later years…)Members Only jackets (it doesn’t matter how you revamp them or try to make them cool – they are PLAYED!)Head bands and body suits (no one should be in public in aerobics gear!)And other things that we’re happy stayed in the ’80s like lace

gloves, shiny spandex, hair bows and anything else Madonna might have worn back then.If there is any consolation to letting your ‘80s fetish go, please know

that Jack Davey (of Warner Bros. funk/punk/pop band J*Davey) was doing it better than anyone in ’06, before it was

trendy again. If you peep her style now, she’s already eons ahead of us (again!). I’m posting up J*Davey’s 2006 video for “Mr. Mister” – just a little dose of “first to be fly with it.”The ’80s weren’t all that mattered last year, of course. Brands

that stood out in 2007 in “streetwear” didn’t necessarily start out in that

marketing category, but Hip Hop married rock and it was true love. (Wait, Run DMC did that in the ’80s too, but I digress…) Ed Hardy set the pace early on with the tastefully placed crystals

on tattoo-inspired designs, and is following strong with the more mature Christian

Audigier line.


of all the brands that appealed to both rock and rap fans, Affliction was

highly popular with its skull and crossbones appeal.On the exclusive tip, Miskeen

Originals took custom painting to the next level with their one-of-a-kind

shirts and jeans. Champion Bernard Hopkins isn’t wearing a shirt in this photo, but he makes Miskeen look good anyway. Stall

and Dean added futuristic flair to classic sports looks with reversible satin jackets

and color coordinated fitteds. Hurricane Chris rocked the extra wavy red and black Hiroshima jacket at our AllHipHop Week BBQ.

The military look was big in ’07 (shouts to all the real soldiers reading this!) and Cavi Designs worked their magic with custom shirts for some major celebrities. On

the latter end of 2007, up and coming brands like Artful Dodger (recently acquired by Jay-Z), Parish Nation,

Garbege, Nostic and others were making big moves. It will be interesting to see where

they go this year.



we had our intimate time with low-rise jeans these past couple of years, 2007 took the

cake with the ultra super to-the-hairline looks. It’s time to stop now (unless you’re doing a video or something that calls for lots of situps and extreme waxing…)

Throughout the year, we did see some of the high-waisted looks coming back –

but if it goes back to soccer mom jeans in ’08 we could be in trouble. Again,

let’s find a happy place! 


stripes and more stripes! While I personally love stripes of all kinds, it did

go a little overboard last year. It’s always been a well known fact that

horizontal stripes make you look bigger, so there isn’t really a way we need

to see a big guy rocking a 4X pastel horizontal-striped polo shirt on any given day. Maybe it’s just me,

but I’m hoping for some polka dots or checkers this year.

Some other things that started out hella cute but need to go away regardless: sparkly belts and even sparklier belt buckles, the skater “look” on people who are not skaters, velvet blazers, oversized sunglasses, biker-inspired wallet chains and anyone trying to come with another rock or religion inspired clothing line (if you’re not already doing it, please don’t start now… thank you). A note to anyone who may have gotten into the “croc” thing last year… you’re feet might have been comfortable, but they were butt ugly and they probably stunk pretty bad after you sweated in plastic all day. Nasty! Let them go!!


2008, AllHipHop.com will be bringing you some hot fashion tips and runway

reports. In the meantime, take a deep breath and fill up your Goodwill box for

donations of your “I only wore it once” 2007 gear. It won’t hurt much, we promise!