5 Videos Chet Haze Must See

5 Vids Of Race, Rap & Beatdowns

Chet Haze, the son of actor Tom Hanks, must run with other “toms” than his famous dad. Why? Apparently, he hangs out with a lot of Black people that allow themselves to be called n***er/ n***a or let him use it around them. Chet claims to be a rapper and yet he seems to have a total disregard even though people of color have appealed to him. Evoking his right to “Freedom of Speech,” Chet says he is going to stick to using the n-word, like it or not. Chet just hasn’t met the right n-words! Here are five videos that we advise Chet to see, especially if he hopes to have a career where people of color dominate artistically.

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Listen to Yelawolf, Chet, a student of Eminem.

This young 21-year old man let a young while male say n***er several times before letting his hands loose. It is very important to recognize these sorts of people that give you warning before whooping yo’ a###.

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Leave the random Black guy alone.

Unfortunately, even the mentally ill racist gets KO’d for using the n-word.

G-Eazy talks about being a white rapper in Hip-Hop. Watch this, Chet!