Anna Bell Peaks Talks Tattoos, Webcams and Adult Films !

Hey Anna Bell Peaks welcome ! It’s a pleasure to have you doing this interview with AllHipHop !! Now for those who may be unfamiliar tell them where you’re from. I was raised in the Midwest but now live out on the East Coast!     How did you first get into the industry and […]

Hey Anna Bell Peaks welcome ! It’s a pleasure to have you doing this interview with AllHipHop !! Now for those who may be unfamiliar tell them where you’re from.
I was raised in the Midwest but now live out on the East Coast!


How did you first get into the industry and do people in your personal life know you’re an adult film actress ?
I was “found” by a photographer who took some boudoir pics of me, said I should model and passed my phone number to be right person! I was doing part time web camming at the time at night after my full time job and I think the pics and camming got me noticed!

My immediate family knows but my parents, siblings, and extended family do not. Yet.



Does being in the adult film industry make dating harder or easier ?

I’m married! But in terms of an open relationship, knowing in in p### intimidates some men I think, so I don’t tell potential partners what I do.


You’re relatively new to the game, how long have you been in the industry and has it been fun so far ?
I started in January 2015 so have only been in 7 months and I love every single minute of it! P### scenes, web camming, I love my life.

Were you scared of the social stigma ? Did anything surprise you ?
I’m not scared of the social stigma. I hope we are in a culture today where, though you may not approve or wish to have my career, you don’t judge or treat me differently because of the path I chose. Honestly, everyone I have ever talked to has been supportive. I started in the industry because I believe I can become something big and make a great living doing it. People see that I am educated and driven and support that!

We seen you dabbled in interracial, were you scared at first ?
Not at all. Loved the scene, love the sex, and would do it again in a heartbeat! Yes Lex that means You! 🙂

Tell us more about the industry, it seems that more girls seem to be transitioning from adult film into other avenues in mainstream media. Is that something you might look into as time goes on or is it strictly p### for you now, worry about the rest later ?

I am open to anything! I would love to pursue tattoo modeling and acting, but I completely fill my time with p### scenes and web camming right now. I film or log online to webcam 40 hours every week, and do videos, advertise and brand myself, snapchat, Skype, monitor and update clips for sale and several other similar sites. It’s a more than full time job!

What do you on your time off when you’re not filming ?

I web cam full time when not shooting. Time off, like time I don’t work??? Um… … … I spend it with my family or try to get a couple hours of much needed sleep!

How deep is your love for Hip-Hop or music in general ?

I love music, it sets the pace of my mood! If I put on film score music, I’m soothed and relaxed. Classic rock or 80s Rock makes me sexually aroused and fiesty, today’s hits makes me upbeat and energized. Music makes me happy, I say that phrase All the Time.

If you had to choose any famous person dead or live to sleep with who would it be and why ?

Mathew McConoughey. I’ve always been a sucker for a blonde tanned man with a sexy smirk.

What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy ?

Man I’ve done some amazing things with sex! I just want to be open and carefree and wild!

Outdoor threesome sex scene sounds pretty hot at the moment, or a scene that’s very voyeuristic since public sex is a big turn on.



Were there any pornstars (male or female) that you admired or inspired you ? Or are there pornstars you really enjoy working with or want to work with in the near future ?
I love working with Johnny Castle cause, well, he’s a hottie and he’s great to f###, chemistry wise. If we are both HOT for each other then the on set sex is easy natural and wildly fun!

Tattoos !! Tell us about em ! How many do you have and what’s your most important tat ?

I have 27 tattoos. I have a few favorites that mean a lot to me. The Judge me Not tat across my chest was a turning point for me, when I decided that I need to live myself instead of worrying about what everyone else thinks of me.


If you could give advice to somebody wanting to get into the industry what would you advise ?

Wait. Don’t go into the industry at 18 when you may not know your body, may not make the wisest choices with your life, and aren’t driven enough to build your career. I’m 34 (just had my birthday July 26!) and I say that this was the perfect time to enter the industry. I fully understand the risks and rewards, am driven and dedicated towards my goals, am willing to put in massive hours of hard work to get my name recognized, and most of all, I know my body, I LOVE sex, I enjoy every part of sex, and it feels fantastic EVERY time!
The best way to know about all my scenes is to follow my Twitter @AnnaBellPeaksxx
I’m on every day live! I have Instagram, snapchat, Skype, and I sell my content on, clips4sale, manyvids, customs4u, Dreamlover, and more. Google my name and you will find me everywhere, with new scenes releasing now with Evil Angel, Brazzers, Naughty America, and New Sensations, and tons more releasing soon!
I would be NO ONE without fans that love to see me f###, so thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and I hope I continue to wow you in the future!