Boombox! Live Hip-Hop Entertainment Coming to the Las Vegas Stage

Boombox! is a direct result of Fan Rebellion’s commitment to – well, rebelling.

Fan Rebellion is looking to turn it back with their first show In Las Vegas – Boombox! A Vegas Residency on Shuffle. Their premier residency show will include iconic artists such as CeeLo Green, Kid ‘N Play, Tone Loc, and more. This show is set to have its audience dancing and grooving from the first song. Fan Rebellion, a Vegas-based production company, is looking to bring Hip-Hop and other underrepresented genres to the big stages in Vegas.

Jimmy Maynes, the Chief Creative Officer for Fan Rebellion, is determined to create both a show and a company that connects to everyday people. “As a company, we are looking to give investors a chance to invest in an industry that is traditionally dominated by big-time investors.” For as little as $105 dollars, fans can gain access to share in the profits of the company. Traditionally, Las Vegas entertainment is reserved for investors that are able to invest a far larger amount.

“Currently, most opportunities to invest in Vegas entertainment have an entry point of 6 or 7 figures just for a single show. We are looking to give investors the chance to invest in all of our shows for as little as $105, by becoming owners and partners in our company.”

Boombox! is a direct result of Fan Rebellion’s commitment to – well, rebelling. It’s no secret that Hip-Hop and other urban entertainment have not been recognized in the big-name venues of Las Vegas – that’s exactly what Maynes and his team are trying to change. “We feel like Vegas is hungry for something different. No one else is putting Hip-Hop on a showroom stage. You can find it in the clubs and bars, but not in a showroom.”

As a tilt of the hat to ‘90s era hip-hop, Boombox! is looking to create a show that feels like a house party. Maynes stated, “When we created this, we were looking to recreate the house party scene of the ‘90s. With staples like Kid ‘N Play, J.J. Fad, Hip-Hop purist Eric B, and of course CeeLo Green, we are looking to have everyone from 20-year-olds to grandmas drinking and dancing the night away.”

If you are looking for the perfect combination of the Las Vegas experience while enjoying some of your favorite HIp-Hop tunes, BoomBox! is certainly a show that you don’t want to miss. With tickets starting as low as $29, you can find more about experiencing this show at their website Boombox Vegas.

Fan Rebellion is an entertainment company based in Las Vegas. Specializing in the development and production of ticketed events and attractions in Las Vegas, their business model gives everyday investors a chance to share in the success of their events and attractions. Their goal is to build a company valuation of 20 million dollars within three years. You can visit their website to learn more about their business. You can also contact Seth Yudof (LinkedIn), Jayson Pearson (LinkedIn), and Jimmy Maynes (LinkedIn) directly via LinkedIn.