Bumpy Knucks: I’m Hip-Hop And You’re Not!

Perfect music is the absence of music, Perfect people is the absence of human kind, both are the absence of the Music Business……… Many of us in the so called culture of hip hop are being faced with the threat of war and destruction. The war that I speak of is so much closer to […]

Perfect music is the absence of music, Perfect

people is the absence of human kind, both are the absence of the

Music Business………

Many of us in the so called culture of hip hop

are being faced with the threat of war and destruction. The war that I speak

of is so much closer to us than Iraq, Israel or any of those places that deal

with that element on a daily basis and in a greater magnitude than we could

ever tolerate.

We are facing a war in Hip Hop. I’m not talking

about the corny ass battles that rappers get into that fertilize their dying

egos, or the battles that djs get into that made technique turntables the train

ticket to many production deals, or the battles between break dancers that have

now been renamed "choreographers" that no longer hit the floor. Lastly

I’m not talking about the battles between the graffiti artists that are now

the hip hop publications that sells it’s cover to the highest bidder and has

more advertising pages than hip hop information and no tags.

I am talking about the war between Hip Hop &

The Corporate Structure.

Many people, artists especially are probably

saying, "this is not a war, this has helped to expand the music world wide

as well as give many artist a greater financial income," etc. etc. Yea

yea I know all that jazz but unlike many clouded by the tangible bating that

has been displayed before us all, the war is not being fought by both sides,

it’s only being fought by the corporate structure. I guess that would make it

not a war in that respect, but an ambush. The method of strategy is and has

always been to buy them out then stomp them out.

How many joint venture deals have been lost and

as part of a contractual agreement, the CEO of the label has to leave the deal

without the artist he came to the table with? Where is the investment of the

corporate structure when everything they spend is recoupable before you see

a red cen?

I know that everyone and their mama knows about

advances, so I won’t remix that song again, but bigger than all of that, take

notice to the attitude that the corporate structure has helped to create in

the minds of the artists they sign.

Getting a record deal is now more about cop

and blow then creating and developing the writing, production and performing

abilities of the artist that comes through the door with rough edges. In that

respect, where is Barry Gordy when you need him?

Hip hop music is a raw form of beats and rhythmic

poetry that has been like many music art forms before it, sliced & diced

into sub-titles in order to create in the mindset of the artist, that he is

somehow not like the rest. Just one of the many forms of Divide & Conquer

used to weaken the infrastructure of hip hop music. Let’s face it, nothing sharpens

sight like envy.

That is the perception. To create the idea in

the mind of a rapper that he is a star or a mega star and is on the level of

the Rolling Stones or the Beatles, which would create envy and jealousy from

the less fortunate artist, which in turn creates the "eyes on the prize"

mentality in alot of little n##### in the hood that realize that crack is more

risky then rap.

Sounds like an ambush to me. Not convinced yet?

Ok. Let’s look at the set up and undertone of Hip Hop Music from it’s beginning.

The music has always reflected in some way shape

or form, the goings on in the hood. Emcees spit about what they see or hear

going on in their surroundings in the inner-city. In turn, that message is spread

between neighborhood through tapes and live shows, meanwhile totally in infant

form and oblivious to it’s power. This music in the likeness of jazz and the

original rock & roll was about culture.

Culture is everything. Culture is the way we

dress, the way we carry our heads, the way we walk, the way we communicate.

Wearing the disguise of culture, many have been sent to internally destroy a

culture. How do we know who is really with us and who is not? The budgets are

very high these days and many of us come from poverty, so we all want to earn

enough money to pay off mamas house, drive a better car and wear better clothes.

So the cards are placed before you, pick one and don’t let me see it.

OK, put it back into the deck and I will shuffle

the deck and in 10 seconds, I am gonna pull your card.

The path of silence leads to the pit of deception

and being deceived is what is being done to the hip hop culture. I mean, let’s

look at what is currently happening in our circle.

Hip hop music has crossed boundaries in great

magnitude far beyond any other music. It has lured the white teenager as well

as every other culture into a total emulation of the African American personality.

White kids especially because of their rebellious attitudes have become lovers

of hip hop music based on it’s original firey, direct message, like the rock

and roll previously adored by them in the 80’s with Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne,

Van Halen, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden just to name a few.

Hip hop was responsible for the homicides of

many of those groups, or was that what we were made to think? Well let’s look

at it like this, how can hip hop really be credited for destroying rock music

when many, if not all of the groups previously named still sell out major arenas

around the world, are still very relevant to major award shows, hosting, presenting,

performing etc? Many of these groups still control their merchandise sales and

ticket prices. The clincher is that these groups range now in age range of late

30’s, 40’s and in the case of the legendary Rolling Stones 50’s & 60 years


Now, let’s look at Hip Hop.

Unlike rock music, hip hop has a wider cultural

range of listeners. It’s effects are expressed even deeper as you can see, not

only in the dress code but also in the language and ideas of the individual.

In the late 70’s and early 80’s when hip hop was green and had not reached a

major audience, it was confined to the ghetto and never believed to be even

considered music.

During the birth of MTV to see a black face on

their network was equivalent to seeing a black face on an album cover in the

50’s and 60’s. Slim to no chance. Yet it did not stop the movement. Hip hop

was not allowed radio air time like the music before it, but still never lost

it’s momentum in the streets. I mean why would anyone want to hear tales of

the ghetto other than those of the ghetto? It’s kinda like asking why would

the slave master attribute royalty to those he kidnapped from royalty? That

is another subject, but still relevant.

The word "perception," which is a noun

means, "the act of perceiving," which a derivative of the word precept,

also a noun, which means "a recognizable mental impression." The mental

impression of hip hop was that it would have no longevity and that seed has

been more effectively planted into the minds of the people who created the music.

This is evident when we hear people that buy

the music, make the music, play the music or have any involvement with the music

say that a song that is a year old, is just basically an old song. This is also

the same in the life span or the perception of the life span of the actual artist

in hip hop. Unlike the rock star, he will never see a stage at 45-50 years old

and be taken serious. Cop and Blow.

That leads me to the word "motive,"

a noun that means "the sense of need, desire, fear etc, that prompts an

individual to act." What is the motive of a major label signing an act

that they previously would not have signed, or the motive of MTV playing the

video of an artist they refused to play before?

The fear was that if the corporate structure

did not get control of this new fresh rebellious sound called hip hop, it would

truley become the demise of American music. The corporate structure put the

plan in motion and handed out more then we already had, which seemed to be alot.

Like the ritz cracker to the starving man, we ate it. At the same time, the

corporate structure is setting up it’s growth within their market of popular

music and pipelines to create a bigger platform to slaughter the art form.

In the same respect still unable to stop the

music from filtering into the minds of white American kids, they will destroy

many of their own in the war between hip hop and the corporate structure. It’s

always been the savage mentality of the corporate structure. Have you ever heard

the commercials that say, "we are an

equal opportunity employer, we hire all minorities and women?" This includes

the women that are married to the men that make up the corporate structure.

The hungry animal will eat their own for sake of survival.

Hip Hop is about us being on the same page with

one another for the sake of expanding our music into power for us. No race,

no creed, no time for no b#######.

I’m hip hop And you’re not!