Business Bully: A Conversation With David Banner Over Struggle, White Supremacy and Music


As a media personality, I’ve been blessed to count some very influential and amazing people as friends. Now that I’m retired from doing mainstream radio full time, the ability to have honest and unfiltered conversations with celebrities about Black issues.

With this platform, I feel it’s a responsibility to educate and inform my people. You see, it’s not enough anymore to get online and support a cute hashtag. Black people must be aware and involved.

Every week, I’m going to bring you an interview with someone that is in the business of moving our people forward! It’s cool to bank Black, but we have to be prepared to invest our dollars with our people and our own businesses.

David Banner is not only a talented rapper/actor/producer, but he’s one of the greatest activists of our generation. In this candid interview, we discuss his own struggles, White Supremacy and why his music isn’t being played on mainstream radio. Banner goes in depth on his life, his business and his take on politics and the work that Killer Mike is doing. You won’t believe what he says is keeping #TheGodBox from coming out and it’s not because of the record label.

Take a listen:

Having been featured in Ebony Magazine, The Huffington Post, CNN, Oxygen, Vh1, The Breakfast Club and several other media outlets, David is becoming the foremost authority for sales and marketing of his generation. David works as a speaker and business coach, teaching his unique and proven sales and marketing techniques to entrepreneurs and corporations of all sizes.

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