Celebrity Jeweller – Lamar Berko Proves That Hard Work Never Goes Unrewarded!

Building the LB Jeweler’s brand has not been an easy journey for Lamar.

Hard work is crucial to achieving greatness. With willpower and focus, you can work hard to attain your dreams of a better future. In addition, having clear goals of what you want to achieve in life will help you craft better plans to attain them.

Celebrity jeweller Lamar Berko is a reference that hard work never goes unrewarded.

The celebrity jeweller hails from the UK With a Ghanaian/Jamaica Background. He comes from a humble beginning, but his roots did not deter him from achieving his dreams. The self-motivated and meticulous young entrepreneur worked hard to succeed in the jewellery industry. The 29-year-old Lamar is the owner and CEO of LB Jewellers, a company he established in 2013.

Lamar stands out for his authentic come-up and is among the first successful young jewellers in the UK. Besides, it is amazing how he managed to build his clientele, open doors for other young entrepreneurs, and provide employment for people in other countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa.

LB Jewellers is recognized for its innovative designs, top-notch customization, high-value watches, and jewellery maintenance. Thus, the jewellery brand has grown to attain a massive following on social media platforms. It has also established a collection of high-profile clients such as Floyd Mayweather, international superstar Wizkid, Chelsea Footballer Callum Hudson-Odoi, DJ Spinall, Andy Cole, Beenie Man, David Beckham, Russ Millions, Danny Rose, etc.

Building the LB Jewellers brand has not been an easy journey for Lamar. He shares that breaking through an industry with high entry barriers and establishing a notable brand that now surmounts over 500,000+ views a day on Snapchat has not been a walk in the park. But with a resilient and focused spirit, the astute entrepreneur has sacrificed a lot and consistently put in the work to build a leading and renowned brand.

According to Lamar, you should thoroughly research your field and capitalize on all opportunities, regardless of their magnitude. Moreover, the young CEO does not regard failures as falling but rather refusing to get up. “Man is born to work. Just like steel, he shines in use and rusts in rest,” adds Lamar.

Although most LB Jewellers’ clients are high-profile, Lamar does not put up biases with his clientele. He is always open and available to everyone and believes that most clients come knocking at his doors due to his unmatched jewellery quality. “I believe successful people seek to have the best things in life. They work hard for their money, so they believe in quality and durability,” he affirmed.

The LB Jewellers’ CEO sees himself as a brand, not just a jeweller. “Jewellery is just one of many things from the LB Brand. I have a big announcement coming up in the next few months, unveiling a multi-million-pound investment,” he concluded.