Did Kanye West Fire His Security Guard For Talking To Kim Kardashian?


Word on the street is Kanye West apparently fired his security guard for talking to Kim Kardashian. Ummmm apparently you can’t talk to Kim, especially when ‘Ye is around. According to New York Daily News, a source says Kanye just lost it and sacked Steve Stanulis when he saw him talking to Kim outside her Waldorf Astoria hotel room. Stanulius has protected the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Alanis Morissette and more. He also says there wasn’t any type of inappropriate talk or flirtation going on as he is a happily married man with three children. It has been said that Ye has strict orders that all security are not to talk to his wife or kids unless it’s in regard to security matters. If this is at all true, do you think Kanye is taking things too far?!