DJ Premiere On Tapping KRS-One For Macklemore & Ryan Lewis,’ “Buckshot”


Photo Credit: YouTube

(AllHipHop News) KRS-One and DJ Premier have helped to shape Hip-Hop’s substance and sound. On Friday (Feb. 26), their legacy may impact a different demographic. For on that day, “Buckshot,” from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ LP, This Unruly Mess I’ve Made — which features both Primo and Kris — will be available for public consumption.

According to a press release, DJ Premier’s actions ultimately helped to bring that track to fruition. Both Ben “Macklemore” Haggerty  and DJ Premiere share an appreciation and history of creating graffiti art. “They wanted me to hook up a scratch sequence to tie in the lyrics that Ben wrote,” expressed the veteran beatsmith.

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“Ryan did the track and we got on the phone to discuss the theme about their younger days running the streets and tagging graffiti. I draw as well so it made total sense, ” he revealed. To heighten the track that eventually became “Buckshot,” DJ Premier reached out and eventually secured the Teacha.

“They asked if I knew how to get in touch with Kris,” he explained.  “I reached out to Kris’s wife and since he is a dope graffiti artist as well, he was the perfect choice and he laced the verse overnight, he said before adding, “The whole combination made it a complete jam for the history books.”

Thus far Macklemore and Ryan Lewis appear to have paid homage to acquiring and sharing knowledge, emceeing, deejaying, and creating graffiti. If they find a way to demonstrate breaking they’ll have celebrated all of Hip-Hop’s elements.