Dropbox, Lyft, Casper, Robinhood, and Coinbase… What Do These Brands all Have in Common?


At one point in time, they were all startup businesses, and they all happen to be in the portfolio of Hip Hop Mogul Nas.

Nas’ start-up investment portfolio is diverse; including over 100 companies and is still growing. Technology companies and start-ups have become one of the growing focuses of the hip-hop star’s investment decisions. Nas has realized the importance of getting in early with companies able to disrupt industries. Some startups’ business models blend into other business ventures. Some can have ties back to multiple industries or have the potential to change the world. 

Start-ups are no different than other business ventures, and when artists like Nas, who has so many investments,… they can make your head spin finding value in them. A key is to take note of a clear path to exit (merger, acquisition, going public, etc). 

A start-up looking to make a splash for instance is WiGL. Pronounced “wiggle,” this start-up looks to make life easier by eliminating cords and wires for our battery-powered devices. Imagine in the future not having to worry about cellphones, some detectors, headphones, or speaker battery life. Simply stream wireless power to wirelessly recharge your favorite devices on the go or in your home. These are the kind of groundbreaking and innovative start-ups that are out there and something that anyone, not just Hip Hop moguls, can take advantage of. 

Nas and other stars are on the cutting edge of early-stage investment when it comes to blending tech and everyday needs. It’s easy to say…” well they can invest because they have the money to invest”,…but if you take the time to search out smaller companies like WiGL, maybe you can be early-stage investments for less than the cost of a new outfit.