Epic Fail of the Day: Man Burns to Death While Trying to Steal Gas

Man burns to death after trying to steal gas from a South LA gas station.

A California man in his 50s met a terrible death due to stealing gas. Richard Glover went to a South Los Angeles gas station on Tuesday where he paid for gas at a pump but then drove to the back of the station where he attempted to steal more gas, reports CBS.

It was at the back of the gas station where his van exploded and he burned to death. Authorities discovered two 55-gallon tanks inside the van, after the fire was put out, as well as a pump and an inch-wide water hose leading from the van to an underground tank.

The cause of the fire is under investigation but the man’s family told authorities that this wasn’t the first time he tried to steal gas, and that they’ve been begging him to stop doing it.