Family Of Chris Kaba Accuse Cops Of Racism After Unarmed Rapper Shot Dead By Police 

The family of Chris Kaba, U.K. drill rapper Maddix are concerned cops would not have shot the rapper if “Chris had not been Black.”

The family of Chris Kaba, also known as U.K. drill rapper Madix, are demanding a homicide investigation after a police watchdog group found there were no weapons or firearms in the 24-year-old’s car when he was shot dead by cops. His father deemed the incident resulting in his death “totally racist and criminal.” 

Cops Confirm Chris Kaba Was Unarmed

The 24-year-old artist was shot dead by police after a car chase in South London on Monday night (Sept.5). Cops hemmed in his Audi before one round was fired from a police weapon. He was taken to hospital, where he sadly died later that night.  

The Metropolitan Police confirmed on Thursday (Sept. 9) that no officer has been suspended, including the cop who fired the fatal round. Authorities also confirmed Madix was unarmed, and no firearm recovered from the scene.

Chris Kaba’s loved ones issued a statement, demanding answers from the authorities: “The family of Chris Kaba seek a homicide investigation into his death from the outset.  

“We have told the IOPC of that demand and that we do not want any delay as has happened in other fatal shootings – otherwise we and the wider public can have no confidence that the police will be held to account.   

The family said they are “devastated” and in need of “answers” and “accountability” from the police.

“We are worried that if Chris had not been Black, he would have been arrested on Monday evening and not had his life cut short.” 

Demands For Justice

Many in the Black community are demanding justice, outraged at the death of another Black man at the hands of the police. However, while in agreement with the sentiment, Chris Kaba’s family wants to ensure all protests “are not only peaceful but also legal,” following changes in the law surrounding protests. “Black communities are often over-policed under the misconception that we act violently, disorderly and with criminality,” the family explained.  

“This is exactly why Chris was followed by the police. We do not want to give them the satisfaction of unrest in our communities or playing to these dangerous stereotypes. In our pursuit of justice we will make our voices heard loudly, clearly and with dignity. We ask that you respect our wishes as Chris’ family and allow us to coordinate the various activities we expect in the coming weeks.” 

A small crowd gathered outside Lambeth Police Station on Friday to demand answers, despite the protest being canceled.  

Many of Chris Kaba’s peers called for action, alongside activists and citizens concerned with by policing of Black people.