Friday Fashion Feature: “Get To Know: Marion “Pooch” Hall

Marion “Pooch” Hall is best known for his role on the recently canceled TV show, The Game. He played Derwin Davis, a rookie for the fictional San Diego Sabers and boyfriend of Melanie Barnett (Tia Mowry).The Game became the number one …

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Marion “Pooch” Hall is best known for his role on the recently canceled TV show, The Game.

He played Derwin Davis, a rookie for the fictional San Diego Sabers and boyfriend of Melanie Barnett (Tia Mowry).The Game became the number one comedy on the network in its second season, having three million viewers. It was listed in the Top 10 TV programs among African Americans by Nielson Media Research in 2008.

Pooch Hall and Tia Mowry on set

As the network moved its focus to hour-long shows like 90201 and Gossip GirlThe Game was canceled after three seasons to the disappointment of many loyal fans.

Cast of The Game

Although Pooch’s popularity peaked with The Game, the 33 year-old actor began his career in New York over 10 years ago with a small role in the feature film, Lift. He has since starred in films like Blind Guy with Jane Seymour and Steve Tobolowsky, Hood of Horror with Snoop Doog and Jason Alexander and more.

Currently living in L.A., Pooch was born and raised in Massachusetts where he played football, ran track and boxed. He won the Southern New England Golden Gloves in 1994.

We recently asked Pooch how he’s dealing with the cancellation of The Game and also found out about his style game, including what makes a woman’s style stand out from the rest. Check it out: Is your personal style similar to what we’ve seen on Derwin?

Pooch: Kind of. Derwin started off basic on the show, like jeans, t-shirt and Timbs. I like dressing like that sometimes because it shows that you’re not trying to stand out, you’re not afraid to be plain, which can sometimes come off as sexy. As my character got his endorsement deals and started making money, his style got a little more edgy and advanced. I started to incorporate a lot of the stuff I wore on set in my regular life. us three essential pieces that you have, or plan on having in your closet this summer?

Pooch: I’d say a pair of True Religion jeans, pair of retro Jordans and a white Members Only jacket (see below)

Nylon Jacket by Members Only

Rainbow Billy Bootcut by True Religion  You have many female fans; can you give them a couple of tips on how they can stand out from the rest?

Pooch: Don’t try too hard. If something is meant to be, it will happen. Girls should wear classy clothes that compliment their body type and complexion. Pay attention to colors, certain ones can make your complexion pop. With that being said, when you look in the mirror and like what you see, it gives you confidence to go out and own whoever and whatever! You’ve described working on The Game as going ‘to the playground every day’, referring to the comfortable relationships you had with your costars. Is it scary to get out of that zone now that the show is canceled, and are you afraid you may not find that chemistry again with costars?

Pooch: It is scary. I’m not going to bullsh*t you; we had a beautiful thing on The Game, it was family. But that’s life. I love life and to be able to do something you love and get paid for it? That’s a dream come true. I’m a positive person, I believe in putting out good energy and treating people with respect. And love is an important key to life and success. You get what you give. I take that with me in life and to the next project as well. Were you surprised about the show coming to an end? How are you handling it?

Pooch: I was surprised at first but my agent said ‘that’s showbiz’. During the three seasons we did on The Game, I made a name for myself where people in and out of the industry know me. I recently did a movie for Spike TV, played Chrisette Michele’s love interest in her new video and have met with three major producers. The next move is important, I’m looking over movie scripts now and weighing my options.” There was a post on where the writer was obviously angry about the fact that The Game was canceled, stating “I guess picking up Tyra’s show (American’s Next Top Model ) meets [CW’s] black quota for the season”. What are your thoughts on this?

Pooch: It is what it is…I support The CW. They allowed me to have a network home for three years. I mean some shows don’t make it past 12, sometimes six episodes. We did three strong seasons – that’s huge. You can’t concern yourself with what the higher ups think or do. You as an actor still have a job to do for the network and the fans. Every day was a blast. No complaints whatsoever. Thanks again to everyone there!  What are some of your future goals and plans when it comes to your acting career, both short and long term?

 Pooch: I’m chasing a career similar to Will Smith and Heath Ledger (R.I.P.). I see myself doing the things they do and did. That’s my long term goal. As for short term? I want to get better every day at life and continue meeting beautiful people. I love learning because I know its going to help me be a better person as well as an actor. You’ve mentioned your personality is very similar to Derwin’s. Do you feel more comfortable playing roles similar to your own character or do you prefer challenges that take you completely out of your character?

Pooch: Great question. Derwin and I are similar in a lot of ways. We’re both athletes and both good guys trying to the right thing, but we mess up occasionally. We aren’t perfect, we as people mess up all the time. It’s about learning from your mistakes. I’m building as an actor, so I love being challenged. I welcome all sizes, shapes and colors because I want to learn. Everyone has a different story or experience that can be beneficial to others.I’m a non-judgmental sponge. These experiences all help in creating a character. If you had to give one piece of advice to young aspiring actors what would it be?

Pooch: Don’t take it to serious, allow yourself to enjoy the journey. And if you’re looking for validation and assurance that you matter in life don’t become an actor. You matter in life regardless.

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