Get to Know Brendash V, the Voice of Mexico

Brendash V is genuinely becoming the game’s female goat.

A global sensation, artist Brenda Carolina Valdovinos Campos who goes by the name Brednash V recently dropped her highly anticipated album, “Amor Mio” last week on September 15th. Her fans and supporters were waiting patiently for this exciting drop and now have their eyes set on her upcoming tour details for quite some time now. The cover of this album is attention-grabbing. Around her, there are people taking pictures of her. The message she wanted to get across with this EP is self-love.

We come from an era where everything can go viral in an instant. This generation lives amongst their electronic devices, social media, the internet, etc. and it’s vital to realize how easily something can be seen on a large platform, and with knowing this, we must be self-aware of all that can come with it. This young genius mind wants her supporters to enjoy and indulge in this track, but also to realize and understand the message she is trying to convey.

Brendash V is genuinely becoming the game’s female goat. Her tenacity and heart go way beyond her petite frame. She exudes a level of confidence that all of the greats before her did at the beginning of their career. She uses it as steam to power the locomotive that is her fast-rising career and only further thrust her into the bright spotlight that the music scene has to offer. Her ferocious style stood out and proved that she belonged in the industry.

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