Hidden Camera Catches NYPD Arresting Man For No Reason


The video begins with the driver sitting calmly in his car when an officer walks up and opens the car door, demanding he “step out of the car.” The cop immediately tells him to put his hands behind his back and cuffs him, asking him if he has any weapons. The man complies then replies that he does not have any weapons, asking why he’s being arrested. The officer does not answer, asking again if he has any weapons. The driver reiterates that he has no weapons, asking again why he’s being arrested. The officer’s answer? “Because.”

The man asks again,

“Because what? Why Am I being arrested? Tell me why I’m being arrested. You never even told me why I got pulled over in the first place.”

The cop repeats “You have any weapons on you?” to which the driver firmly repeats he does not. Still not getting an answer as to why he’s being detained, the driver asks

“Why did you search my vehicle, because you saw a bag? That makes no sense.”

Apparently the officers thought he was carrying a gun around in a platic bag. Understandably bewildered, the man asks

“Why would you assume there’s a weapon in a plastic bag?”

He continues to ask why he’s being arrested. The cops continue to ignore his question.

The camera keeps rolling as they take the man away, then return to search his vehicle further, not realizing the camera is recording. While an officer rifles through the driver’s belongings, he moves the phone, blocking the lens in the process, but the audio remains clear.

There’s silence for about two minutes until two officers return to the vehicle. What the officers can be heard saying next is incredible.

Cop 1: “I don’t even know why we pulled him over…he keeps saying what’s the reason why you pulled me over”

Cop 2: “Just put “Cocaine Test”

Cop 1: “That’s what you put”