Hip-Hop Celebrates Big Pun With Anniversary Tribute Art & Artifacts Exhibit In New York


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Over the weekend the wife of the late rapper Big Pun Liza Rios celebrated the 18th anniversary of her late husband’s first Platinum album, Capital Punishment. The Reveal Agency and Avant Garde LES came together to organize the Big Pun tribute.

Liza Rios, hosted the event in memory of Big Pun’s highly popular, Capital Punishment album debut with her daughters and grandson. Liza has specifically chosen the 18th year anniversary, as the number 18 represents new beginnings, while April represents the exact month 3 of his albums were released, Yeeeah Baby, Endangered Species & Capital Punishment.

A few members of Terror Squad were in attendance. Triple Seis, Cuban Link, & Prospect came out to celebrate with Liza while Bodega Bamz moved the crowd as he was rhyming to all of Big Pun’s songs. Also in attendance was actor BR Malie of the hit series Money & Violence and media moguls, Datwon Thomas, EIC of Vibe Magazine and Chuck Creekmur founder of AllHipHop, among others.

The space was filled with inspired Big Pun art and his artifacts. Friday was reserved exclusively for the people closest to Big Pun and members of the press as Liza brought Pun’s ashes to the event. The guest said they all felt Pun’s presence and were intrigued by the classy museum look. Throughout the night the DJ dedicated a full set to Big Pun, and guest were treated to mac & cheese poppers from LES Kitchen with drinks provided by Papi Wines & Kettle.

Visit Avant Garde LES located at 319 Grand Street, New York, NY as the show runs through Friday April 29.
www.avantgardeles.com and www.big-pun.com.

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Images used by permission of Cynamin Jones/ The Reveal Agency.