Hip Hop Executive Ventures into Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Stephen Byrd’s Quest to Develop the Ultimate AI Voice Search-Activated App

For consumers, it’s the ideal solution for obtaining instant information on their preferred topics through voice assistants.

Stephen Byrd stands out as a notable figure in both the realms of Hip Hop and Business. Initially establishing himself as a hip-hop executive, this serial entrepreneur successfully ventured into various facets of the entertainment industry, including producing his show and collaborating with Starz Entertainment with a television series named Hip Hop Raw & UnCut Concert Series. Recently, he clinched a significant deal with MVD Entertainment Group.

However, his journey extends far beyond his achievements in entertainment, with a keen interest in technology driving him to pioneer mobile live streaming two years before Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms adopted the technology. Presently, he’s returned to the tech world with a renewed focus on artificial intelligence and voice assistant devices.

Byrd’s Early Success in Music

Stephen’s lifelong passion for hip-hop and entertainment drove his entrepreneurial pursuits. As the music industry rapidly shifted towards digitalization, he recognized the impending obsolescence of physical media distribution. “I foresaw early on that we wouldn’t be stocking movies and CDs in stores,” Stephen explains. In response, he was determined to create a platform that allowed artists to publish and sell their music without relying on middleman services.

His extensive experience in the music industry provided a smooth transition into the world of technological entrepreneurship. Whether it was establishing his own record label, Byrd Records, in partnership with Universal Music Group-Fontana, launching the Starz Entertainment series “Hip Hop Raw and Uncut Concert Series,” securing a branding deal with MVD Entertainment Group, or pioneering the first live streaming platform for artists, Byrd consistently championed promotion and disruption.

Using AI And Voice To

Disrupt Digital Advertising 

Over the past twelve years, Stephen has shifted his focus towards technology development. With a specific emphasis on artificial intelligence and voice recognition, he identified a gap in the market—real-time business offers tailored to specific industries were lacking. This gap led to the creation of VoiceeAds, a revolutionary platform enabling real-time offers and deals through voice-activated searches. For Stephen, the concept is simple; this software seamlessly combines convenience and practicality.

In a recent press release for Yahoo Finance, Byrd said this “People don’t want to be tethered to their screens; they want the freedom to stay on the move, access information effortlessly, and place orders seamlessly.” While awaiting the final patent approval, Stephen’s voice assistant app is already available and has garnered significant attention from the newspaper and magazine industry for helping with a new and innovative way for readers and advertisers through voice to get news, stories and advertisements. Acquisition offers on the horizon as well.

For consumers, it’s the ideal solution for obtaining instant information on their preferred topics through voice assistants. For businesses, it’s the perfect opportunity to present their products and offers to potential customers ready to make a purchase, whether it’s a sports ticket, a meal, or their favorite team’s jersey.

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