Hip-Hop Loves Foundation Tackles Gun Violence & Police Brutality on “Stop Shooting Project volume 1: Voices of Justice”

“Stop Shooting Project Vol 1: Voices of Justice” is a compilation from artists around the world produced by “Hip Hop Loves.”

The “Hip-Hop Loves Foundation” is an organization that uses Hip-Hop as a way to bridge the gap with the youths who may benefit from the programs they provide. Working to impact underserved communities globally, they partner with grassroots organizations, universities, state and federal governments as well as companies that recognize the value in empowering youth. 

They see Hip-Hop as the cultural intersection of many vibrant forms of expression, including dance, sports, visual arts, and technology. They offer the young people they work with programs in skills they’re more likely to take an interest in. 

As stated on their website, “We are creating a network of U.S. student organizations and University administrations to facilitate ongoing workshops and events, to continue the dialogue centered on how the Hip-Hop medium can contribute to empower underserved communities internationally in a sustainable way.”  

One of their recent projects, the first of a two-part album, is a compilation of tracks from attendees of their workshops all around the world.  

“HHL” co-founder and director, Rene-John Sandy recalls the project’s origin’s in a Harlem Hip-Hop workshop back in 2016. One of the youth enrolled in the program, a producer, had a dream of recording in a big studio but he was not doing well in school. Rene told him to work on getting his grades up and to attend their workshops and he would make it happen, which he did.  

In an interview with LondonJennn, Rene explains how Dr.Yusuf Salaam, one of the “Exonerated Five ” wrongfully accused in the “Central Park 5” trial came on board. 

“Stop Shooting Project Volume 1: Voices of Justice”  

Stop Shooting volume 1: Voices of Justice is available on music streaming platforms worldwide. This eighteen-track project is a collaboration of artists from across 6 Continents, representing over 25 countries. The goal of the project is to create music that takes a stand on all of the gun violence and police brutality taking place in our global community. The project also demonstrates how Hip-Hop builds bridges and connects the gaps between people of different generations, cultures, religions, and genders worldwide.  

All donations and contributions of resources made to this project will go to producing workshops for youths in New York, Philadelphia, and Brasil organized by Jr. Music Exec, Hip-Hop Loves, Hip-Hop Union, and Generation Hip-Hop. 

A series of videos have been made for the project from artists around the world featuring the skills shared in the workshops including emceeing, graffiti, music production, and breakdance.  

“Unity”- featuring Dumi Right (Zimbabwe), Modenine (Nigeria), Maya Jupiter(Australia/Mexico/Turkey), and Fatima Rivera (Chile) 

“Times Are Changing: Hands Up Everyday”-(Featuring students the Harlem Children Zone and Dr.Yusuf Salaam from the “Exonerated Five”  

“Don’t Shoot (Our Future)” – youths from Re: Imagine ATL & “HHL” that wrote the song and produced the video  

“My Ne Shutim (We’re Not Kidding)” – youths from Hip-Hop Union (Moscow, Russia) & Hip-Hop Loves  

“Hip-Hop Loves Compilation Volume 1: Hip-Hop 4 Haiti.” 

“HHL” is also producing a project called “Hip-Hop Loves Compilation vol 1: Hip-Hop 4 Haiti.” Scheduled for release in May 2022, the collaborative effort sees artists from over 40 countries donating their time and talent to the project.  

A portion of the proceeds will go to “HHL” to allow them to continue to put on workshops and have sustainable infrastructures globally, in particular in Haiti. 

How to Support “HHL” 

Donations to support the project made on streaming platforms and at www.hiphoploves.org will benefit the Hip-Hop Loves Foundation to facilitate workshops with youths in Brazil and in the United States where gun violence and police brutality are serious issues. 

About Hip-Hop Loves:  

“Hip-Hop Loves Foundation (HHL”) is an NYC-based nonprofit that co-produces workshops, seminars, and events that create space for dialogue and exploration on the themes of success, youth empowerment, and social justice through Hip-Hop.