Hip Hop Rumors: Momma Dee May Sue Who?


The guards better get ready, someone decided to throw rocks at the palace and its inhabitants.

On the premiere episode of “Sisterhood of Hip-Hop,” rapper Diamon touched on a few details of her relationship with ATL’s Lil Scrappy, and also her problem with the queen of this supposed palace, Momma Dee. According to Diamond, the queen lifted a few of her items including jewelry.

Well you know Momma Dee wasn’t going for that, and is threatening to take matters in to the courtroom to silence such talk from a peasant.

Momma Dee’s PR issued the following statement:

“”It is unfortunate that Ms.Carpentero aka Diamond continues to slander my client and her son in the press. The relationship between my client’s son and Ms. Carpentero ended years ago yet she continues to talk about Momma Dee in a negative light, most recently making false claims that my client stole property. We are not taking such accusations lightly and will use the appropriate channels to handle the defamation of character should Ms. Carpentero continue to make said claims. We wish Diamond well in all her future endeavors.””

Hopefully the guards are present in case someone decides to brawl in the courtroom.