How Versatile Artist Jeremy Alan Jones Is Bringing Awareness to Drug Addiction 

As a self-taught singer, Jeremy Alan Jones exemplifies an unrivaled work ethic, charting concurrently in pop, R&B, and country.

Drug and substance abuse has been a major concern for the global community. Both men and women have become addicts, raising the need for proposed campaigns against drug abuse. Musicians are among the top personalities who can help in these struggles, and country music talent Jeremy Alan Jones leads by example.

Jeremy has partnered with his close friend Richie Stegall, who has overcome adversity with his own drug addiction in the past. The duo is joining forces to shed light on the issue with their upcoming release Enough, which was written by both Jeremy and Richie and is based on Richie’s personal story, trials, and tribulations. The project came up after a successful meeting between the two philanthropists who desired to save society from the growing epidemic of drug abuse.

Jeremy is an exceptionally gifted and versatile country music musician. As a self-taught singer, he exemplifies an unrivaled work ethic, charting concurrently in pop, R&B, and country. It’s a rare combination of skills. He has collaborated as a creative writer on pieces for several A-list musicians, including T-Pain, Twista, Gorilla Zoe, Avril Lavigne, and Snoop Dogg. He has also performed with many of them. One of Jeremy’s major career milestones was providing vocals and creative placement for the popular rock band Saliva in 2001.

Jeremy Alan Jones is an avid philanthropist who has maintained a solid commitment to the sober community.

“I recently met what now is a great friend named Richie Stegall through some divine intervention, and we have developed a plan moving forward for my music career. We plan to focus on addiction awareness with this song (Enough), so I see us also doing a lot of events surrounding that cause,” Jeremy explains.