Is Diddy Hip-Hop’s Ultimate Businessman?


Every year, Diddy manages to surpass himself by accomplishing more achievements. Whether it is his routine change in names, promoting his successful Ciroc Vodka brand, or just the signing of talented artists, Diddy kept his promise from way back when he said, “I thought I told you that we won’t stop.”

This go ’round, Diddy has launched his latest venture, Revolt in partnership with Comcast. I can give credit to Diddy because I remember when I was nine years old, all the way back in ’96, my first cassette tape was 112’s “Only You.” And to see his growth in a little over 15 years is remarkable. Not many have remained relevant for so long, but Diddy has managed to go beyond his once quoted rap lyrics, “10 years from now, we’ll still be on top.”

When many past entertainers manage to die off, every year Diddy creates a new project that the public is enthused to see evolve from an idea in his well-coifed head to a mega-million dollar venture. Diddy sets platforms, not only for his family, but for the world to see as an inspiration. Despite his setbacks of the past – from Biggie’s senseless murder, to the club shooting with J.Lo and Shyne, to the fact that many of his past acts were dissatisfied with their business dealings at Bad Boy Records – you have to give credit to the man for giving people a chance to grow from their experiences, as well as a way to make money and build a name for themselves.

I am excited to see where Revolt will lead the new generation. With the success of reality television shows (which are the major causes of music video absenteeism on MTV and now, barely, on BET and VH1), Diddy promises that the new channel, Revolt, will fuse artists, social media, real time content, and cutting edge technology. I know that I, personally, am ecstatic to see the TV listing when Revolt does go nationally.

With this latest power move, Diddy made have proved that he is BEYOND an ultimate businessman. Bad Boy Records, Sean John Clothing, Ciroc Vodka, TV | Music | Movie Producer, Owner of Justin’s Restaurant, and now Revolt Television Network.

“Take that. Take that.”

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