Kanye West Records Intro For Nick Fuentes’ show, “America First”

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Kanye West got even closer to white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

Well, Kanye West aka Ye has done it again. He’s created an intro to the Nick Fuentes show “America First.” First of all, let us talk about the notion of “America First” and what that means.

America First refers to a policy stance in the United States that generally emphasizes nationalism and non-interventionism. The term was coined by president Woodrow Wilson in his 1916 campaign that pledged to keep America neutral in World War I.

Secondly, some argue, it has much more sinister underpinning, which came to life after WW2.

Basically, it means stay out of other peoples’ business, even if it means genocide. Contrary to popular belief, anti-Semitism didn’t start with Black people, Kanye West or people of color. It started with DeWhytes. Back in the days, it wasn’t just the Germans that hated the Jews. It was people right here. And some of them, president’s included, felt we should not have involved ourselves in World War II. Imagine the genocide if it wasn’t for a global intervention!? About six million Jewish people died in the Holocaust. Incredible. By the way, according to United Nations, over 400 years,” more than 15 million men, women and children were the victims of the tragic transatlantic slave trade.” That is to say that America be on its BS too and that actually systemically continues today.

So what about Kanye West and Nick Fuentes? Some BS that is straight up anti-Semitic and, I would argue anti-Everything-Not-White.

Kanye did a promo for the show “America First.”

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On Wednesday, footage of Kanye West at the Miami airport with white nationalist Nick Fuentes surfaced, reportedly taken before his Trump meeting. Other reports state that Fuentes and Ye were also seen together at Trump’s golf club. 

That is all I am saying!!