King Palm Dominates Cannabis Industry Lists With Top 5 Joint Fillers Available In 2022

Smoking joints is a classic way to enjoy cannabis. Once you pick out your ideal filter tip and rolling paper, you’ll be ready to light up.

Great filter tips are an extremely important part of rolling the perfect joint. Joint filters keep cannabis and ash from getting in your mouth when you light up. Plus, filter tips can have special perks like delicious, tantalizing flavors.

King Palm stocks joint filters in various materials, including corn husk, hemp, and glass. Here’s our ultimate guide to the company’s numerous filter tip offerings and other types of joint filter tips.

Corn Husk Filter Tips 

Corn husk filter tips are a signature King Palm product. They’re made from pure, organic corn husks that keep your smoke clean and natural. You don’t have to worry about inhaling added chemicals from your filter tip.

The company’s corn husk joint filter tips pair well with King Palm’s natural palm leaf wraps, but these joint filters can also be used with hemp, wood pulp, or rice papers. You can customize your smoke every time and still enjoy the natural medium of corn husks.

The filter tips come fully assembled, so you don’t have to fold them or put them together. They’re easy to transport, so you can take them whenever you want to smoke a joint.

King Palm’s corn husk joint filter tips are available in packages of five, 25, and 100. You can also choose between 9 mm or 10 mm sizes, so you can use them in all your favorite rolling papers.

Hemp Paper Filter Tips 

Hemp paper joint filters allow you to connect to the cannabis plant in a new way. 

RAW’s joint filters are made from soft cotton fiber and hemp paper. They’re pressed smooth so you never have to worry about ash or bud entering your mouth. 

These filter tips are wide so you can roll fat joints to pass around the circle, but the joint filters will work in smaller joints, too. You’ll be able to conserve your herb and roll the perfect joint with these hemp filter tips.

Flavored Filter Tips

Flavored joint filters can enhance the flavor of your cannabis and create a unique taste experience. You’ll get a stronger taste from flavored filter tips than from flavored wrapping papers because you’re inhaling directly through the filter during your entire session.

King Palm’s flavored filter tips are made from corn husks, allowing you to smoke using all-natural materials. Just like our unflavored corn husk joint filters, they’re organic and chemical-free. Plus, you can rest assured that you’ll never inhale any ash or herb due to their classic design.

The flavored joint filters come in a variety of flavors, including:

  • Pine Drip
  • Watermelon Wave
  • Magic Mint
  • Banana Cream
  • Berry Terps
  • Mango OG

So how do these filter tips get their flavor? They’re not sprayed with chemicals like some flavored joint filters. Instead, each joint filter tip contains a terpene-infused flavor capsule that will make every puff taste great.

To activate the flavor capsule, simply squeeze the filter until you hear a pop. You’ll be enjoying a new taste experience using these joint filter tips in no time!

Rice Paper Filter Tips

Rice paper joint filters aren’t very common, but that doesn’t mean they’re ineffective!

Elements specialize in rice rolling papers, cones, and filter tips. Their products are completely chlorine and chemical-free, so you’re inhaling only the best. You can buy perforated and non-perforated rice paper filter tips, which let you curate your smoking experience.

Perforated filter tips are easier to use for beginners who are rolling their first joints. They fold over to make a Z shape, so your smoke is cooler. They also tend to be larger. Non-perforated tips allow you to customize the shape of your filter.

Rice joint filter tips have virtually no taste, and they’re offered in 50-count boxes, so you always have some on hand!

Glass Filter Tips 

Glass filter tips eliminate some of the downsides of traditional filters, including soggy ends, restricted airflow, bad hits, and messy hands. Your hits with this joint filter will be smoother and more like a glass piece than a joint.

So how does the glass joint filter work? You insert your joint inside the glass filter tip and use it as normal. The glass tip contains indents that will prevent ash and herbs from getting into your mouth when you inhale, every single time. It also cools the smoke so it’s less harsh on your lungs.

It’s very easy to hold your joint securely when using these glass filter tips. You can pass and share it with your friends without a roach clip. Plus, you’ll be able to smoke your joint all the way to the end without burning your fingers!

Rolling Cones With Filter Tips Guide 

King Palm’s joint filters are one of the most important parts of rolling the perfect joint cone. If you usually smoke pre-rolled cones or in other ways, rolling a joint can be intimidating, but it’s actually pretty easy after a little practice.

To roll a joint cone, take your favorite rolling paper or palm wrap and insert the corn husk or flavored filter tip at the top. You can then fill that paper with dry herb. Make sure your cannabis is ground finely enough to fit into the cone, but not so finely that it will slip out. Add extra weed to the end opposite the filter so you get more of a cone shape

You can then carefully pick up the paper and gently roll the joint using your thumb and index finger, compressing the sides. It can take some practice to keep the herb from spilling, so do this over a rolling tray.

Once your herbs are compact, slide your thumb across the joint while rolling the paper into a cone. You should continue to tighten and smooth out the roll several times. When the non-filter side is running out of paper to roll, stop and lick the glue strip on the paper across.

Once you’ve finished rolling, you can seal your joint. To close the joint around the filter tip, twist the thick end with your thumb and pointer finger. Now you have a perfectly rolled joint cone with a quality filter tip!

Always have trouble rolling the perfect joint cone? You’re not alone. That’s why King Palm created their joint rolling machines!

King Palm’s rolling machines will result in the perfect joint every time. All you have to do is place the wrap in the machine and insert your filter tip. Fill it with dry herb and twist the handles to roll the joint. You just have to lick it to seal it, and you’ve saved yourself a lot of trouble.

Smoking joints is a classic way to enjoy cannabis. Once you pick out your ideal filter tip and rolling paper, you’ll be ready to light up.

King Palm carries corn husk, flavored, and glass joint filter tips. Their quality is unmatched, so consider adding their products to your smoking routine!