Lil Durk Goes Latino, Annimeanz Has Some Questions About Mexicans In Hip-Hop

Lil Durk

Lil Durk is doing his part in mending ties between Black and Brown.

On our Instagram page, a lot of people went crazy after an interview with Annimeanz questioned why Black people are not loving towards Mexican people in Hip-Hop. The conversation took a bunch of wild twists and turns as people went back-and-forth over the idea. Some of it was productive in other parts of it was downright ignorant. Nevertheless, it seemed to get the party started from a cultural standpoint. You know, there’s a lot of history here between us black and brown people. We need to get unified!

That said, I think you should check out this interview because it’s very interesting to hear what Annimeanz feels and this conversation with our own Chuck Creekmur is one for the ages.

However, right on Cinco de Mayo, Lil Durk made the stunning revelation (sources say) that he has signed his first Latino rapper. This is a stark contrast from what his Los Angeles brother was saying, the Black people don’t give love back to Mexican people. Well it looks like Lil Durk is already one step ahead. It looks like he has just signed this guy by the name of…CALI TEE.

But check out the sounds!


One thing I’ll say about this guy, is that he doesn’t have any particular Mexican style to his music or anything. It basically sounds like everyone else in the current iteration of Hip-Hop. And that is no disrespect, I just don’t hear the Latino in the music. I am not sure if that is what folks want to hear or see, but nevertheless, he is Latino. These are good steps forward I think. I am not sure if that is a step towards progress or just business and hood ties. 

So what is your take on all of this? I don’t see any issues between Black and Brown, but if there are issues then we need to work it out. A lot of the stuff people are saying is the unfortunate result of gang circumstances that are beyond your average every day person’s control.

And if you look at people like to pot, he’s always taught unity between Black and Brown communities. So let’s stay focused on the broader picture!

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