Lil Wayne’s Open Letter To Mothers (Mother’s Day)

It’s not many words in the world more powerful than “mother.” Those six letters can bring joy, just like they bring pain. It can invoke excitement just as quickly as it can anger, depending on the context, I guess. For myself, it means more than I can ever possibly describe, but I will try. I […]

It’s not many words in the world more

powerful than “mother.”

Those six letters can bring joy, just like they bring pain. It can

invoke excitement just as quickly as it can anger, depending on the

context, I guess. For myself, it means more than I can ever possibly

describe, but I will try. I associate the term with immeasurable

strength, beautiful patience and infinite wisdom.

You can probably already tell, but the

main reason for this letter is

to pay tribute to every positive matriarch on Mother’s Day. In my eyes,

that day is 365 days a year, but I understand the significance of the

holiday. The love between a mother and her offspring is hands down the

most beautiful thing God created. More than money, more than fame, more

than cars. You know why? Because true love is the only thing that lasts

from the moment you’re born to the second you perish. To all the

mothers who read this letter, I hope this day allows you to feel the

love and respect you so rightfully deserve. You are the role models, not


To the mothers of my beautiful

children, there remains nothing but

love, adoration and respect coming from my heart. Even with the mistakes

I’ve made in my life, you give me reason to smile in a place where they

attempt to break your spirit each day the sun rises. I love my babies

with all my heart. And the fact you brought them into this world only

gives me more and more motivation to write these words. Happy Mother’s

Day.a(Editorial continues under picture)Last but not least, my own mother, Ms. Cita. You are my heart and you

are my soul. Please don’t ever forget that. We’ve been through

everything one could possibly imagine together. With each obstacle that

has come our way, you have handled it with the grace and dignity I can

only hope to mimic. Even writing this, it’s tough to come to grips with

the fact I cannot spend this special day with you. Like you always

preached, a man must accept his own actions – good and bad – and learn

from them. And that’s what I’m doing. Mom, I love you more than you will

ever know. Probably more than I love my own self. Enjoy Mother’s Day

because you deserve it. Also, find comfort knowing your son loves you

and misses you like crazy.

To everyone, again, I cannot stress this enough, thank you so, so

much for the support. My spirits are sky high thanks to you all. It

makes the day pass faster knowing people out there care about you and

want you to do well. I pray the letters keep coming in at the volume

they are right now, especially the overseas ones. They let me know life

still does move on, even if I forget at times. I just ask that you all

keep the letters to one page. And keep sending the pictures, too. Some

of you are talented beyond belief with the drawings and paintings.

I’ll go ahead and end the letter here, but again Happy Mother’s Day

to each and every lady who has raised/is raising her kids the best way

possible. Take care. God bless. Live life. Show love.

I can trust my loving Savior

When I fear the world’s alarms;

There’s no safer place of resting

Than His everlasting arms


I would love to thank the following fans:

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