LUNAclipse Rises Out Of Mania For Music


LUNAclipse has put in the personal work to overcome mental illness to emerge as one of the most prolific artists in recent memory.

Once every generation or so, an artist arrives to challenge everything we know about music, our society, art, and culture as we know it.

The last three years have seen the world experience global intergenerational traumas not seen since World War 2.

Out of that darkness has emerged a new champion for the nameless,faceless, forgotten masses, LUNAclipse.

 The birth of LUNAclipse occured when a manic episode led to him being falsely charged with assault and placed in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility for the criminally insane in Los Angeles.

Confronted with discrimination, LUNA turned inward and developed a mindset that dissembles any notion of ego and presents an appreciation for the tenacity he’s always held as part of his identity.

Over the years, trips to rehab and soul-searching granted a new level of clarity to LUNA’s mission. From speaking in rhyme (a textbook manic symptom) to delusions of the Apocalypse, the New York-born emcee is driven by a methodical approach to storytelling for his own healing and catharsis. His first song, “LUNAcy,” is a deep dive into the darkest depths of human nature, exploring the nuances of mental illness and the often controversial nature of spirituality.

This track also sparked the first of many collaborations with 16 Grammy-nominated Haitian producer Jerry Wonda and his Wonda Music label(The Fugees, Mary J.Blidge, Beyonce, Santana, John Legend). LUNA, short for Lunatic, was emboldened by the discovery that rap could purge his enraged, angst-ridden way of thinking while using his voice to instill a sense of healing in today’s world. LUNA has also collaborated with Havoc of Mobb Deep, Flatlinerz, Kash Juliano, Denaun Porter, Canibus, Chino XL, Vinuum Hemlock, and B.K. Habermehl to name a few. With no sign of slowing down, LUNA is gearing up for the release of his debut album LUNACY this fall – an appropriate showcase of his artistic vision, energetic range and sheer individuality, due for release this fall.

Listen to his two released singles, Lunacy & The Twin Towers on Spotify – click here.

The videos for Lunacy and Twin Towers have received more than 400,000 view to date

The third installment in this music and video  series, “Minds on Fire” is currently available for streaming on Vevo and Spotify.

LUNAclipse made his first in person appearance walking The MTV Music Awards Red Carpet with his producer Jerry Wonda. His unique look has caught the attention of industry watchers across the globe.