Miss Rap Supreme: Ms. Cherry Speaks On Khia, T-Pain and More

  For anyone who has watched VH1’s Miss Rap Supreme thus far, you already know it’s a pitstop for drama. When Khia and Ms. Cherry got into a verbal battle in the first episode, it appeared to be two strong-minded ladies who met and just didn’t get along.   In reality, the two had crossed […]


For anyone who has watched VH1’s Miss Rap Supreme thus far, you already know

it’s a pitstop for drama. When Khia and Ms. Cherry got into a verbal battle in

the first episode, it appeared to be two strong-minded ladies who met and just

didn’t get along.


In reality, the two had crossed paths a couple of

years ago in Florida when Ms. Cherry was working with Streetwize Records, and

Khia was recording her Gangstress

album at their studio. Apparently, they had an amicable relationship.


Where did the drama we see on Miss Rap Supreme and the ensuing fire in Khia’s AllHipHop articles

come from? Ms. Cherry took some time to give us her thoughts on Khia, the reality of Reality TV and her own plans for the future.


AllHipHop.com: Do you have any retort as far as

what Khia has had to say on AllHipHop.com [about you]?


Ms. Cherry: I really think she’s a professional

hater, and I think that’s a disease. You need to get help. She sounds like an

internet thug, who really does that? Like sits at the computer and writes

paragraphs about s**t that don’t nobody give a f**k about. What are you talking

about and who are you preaching to? Most of the people I know in the hood don’t

even have computers, so I don’t even know what the hell she be talking about.


AllHipHop.com: You’ve been grinding for a while

and this is nothing new to you. How is it for you to go on a show like this and

put yourself out there with people seeing you as a new artist and not really

understanding the struggle you’ve been through so far?


Ms. Cherry: It’s cool, because it’s not like the

people who knew about me from the beginning forgot. They’re saying, “I’m

glad to see you getting the exposure that you need and that the world is

getting to hear the music I heard all this time.” I think it’s cool,

because to a lot of people I am a new artist, so all my old fans are still my

fans and I’m just getting new fans.


Then with the Internet Thug Misses [Khia], she’s

giving me a lot more fans because now I got Trina’s fans ‘cause they all hate

her, I got Jackie-O’s fans ‘cause they all hate her, and then a lot of her fans

because they got to see her on TV and see the real her. They’re like,

“Damn, I don’t even like her anymore. I didn’t even know about you, now I

like you.”  So I think it’s real



AllHipHop.com: When it comes to the rumors about

you being T-Pain’s baby’s mother, we spoke to Rece and Byata who said [you

never made a big deal about it].  Do you

find that more people are asking you about that than anything else?


Ms. Cherry: No, not really because any interview I

do, I try to control the interview with my answers. Really it’s not a big deal,

it’s a baby. It’s not a clothing line or nothing, it’s life. I don’t think

it’ll be the first or the last time somebody had a baby, so it’s really not

that serious. It is what it is.


AllHipHop.com: In terms of reality TV, how real is

what we’re seeing in the edited version?


Ms. Cherry: It’s very edited, let me say that. But

for the most part you do get to see a lot of how we live as people. It’s edited

just like any other reality show, even with the Internet Thug Misses, the

argument that we had was after the challenge because she felt like even though

we won we still ain’t better than her or whatever. That’s what the argument was,

because I felt like, “B***h, what are you talking about? You got one hit,

sit down somewhere, you with us, you ain’t better than us.” They edited it

to make it seem like I said what I said before we even did a challenge, and

that I was talking about her behind her back and it didn’t really happen like

that. It’s edited but it’s still real.


AllHipHop.com: Do you feel like they picked a lot

of the women to be on the show because of your pasts or the drama you could

bring rather than your actual skills?


Ms. Cherry: No, I think that all the girls in the

house each had special skills within themselves but I think that what they

tried to do was show that all of these things are regular problems. They look

real bad but these are things that are going on in households all over the

world, people can relate to my story because they went through what I went

through. Someone like D.A.B, all her fans can relate to her story because

they’ve been through what she’s been through. Chiba was in a car accident,

she’s not the only person that’s ever been in a car accident.


I think they pick a lot of well-rounded people who

will have a lot to talk about and will have stories that are interesting. If

they just picked people who didn’t have stories and weren’t interesting, it

would be a boring show and nobody wouldn’t wanna watch it. I think they did

good picking the people they picked and all the people in the house definitely

were talented.


AllHipHop.com: Obviously the exposure is a

phenomenal thing for you. Do you have any plans in place as far as albums and

mixtapes or anything?


Ms. Cherry: Yeah, I’m working on my new album now,

it’s called Beauty & The Block,

it was something I started on before with the label I was with. I got new

producers on there, I’m doing my own label 0 to 60, I got my own artists I’m

putting out on there. I’m trying to design my own line of New Era hats, because

if you notice I always wear the ‘A’ hats and people love those, so I’m gonna

try to bring out my own girl line. I’m trying to get some endorsement deals

with people and get that other money. I feel like I’ve been in the streets, now

I’m trying to get that other money.


AllHipHop.com: As far as the future of Hip-Hop and

where it stands with Foxy Brown getting out of jail, Lil’ Kim back on her

grind, and Remy going into jail, who do you think is next in terms of women in



Ms. Cherry: That’s a good question. To be

completely honest with you, I don’t know. I wish I knew, but I don’t know. I

just wish it could grow and go on, for a while it seemed like there wasn’t

gonna be any female artists and that it was just gonna be about males, because

Eve went on to do her TV show and wasn’t really worried about it, then we had all

the other women going to jail or trying not to go to jail. I’ll be glad if any

female is out, to be honest.


AllHipHop.com: Are you working on any

collaborations we can look out for aside from your album?


Ms. Cherry: You know at this point everybody wants

to do a collaboration, so I’m just trying to see which ones I want to do and

which ones will help me in my career. Basically a lot of people around the city

wanna have Ms. Cherry on their album, and I ain’t really turning nobody down

because I know that they’re gonna promote it. I’m basically just trying to work

with everybody right now.


Find out

more about Ms. Cherry at MySpace.com/TheRealMsCherry

For the

record, here’s a shot of Ms. Cherry and Khia together in the good ole days: