Mr. Birdman: Hip-Hop & I Need Answers!

Somebody Wants Birdman To Say Something

Editor’s Note: We at AllHipHop don’t necessarily need any answers on this one.

Yo! Birdman! I’ve been riding blogging pro-you since you kissed Lil Wayne on the lips! I’ve justified it! I wrote a blog entitled, “Baby & Lil Wayne: Sometimes a Kiss is just a Kiss!” () and a four-part essay entitled, “Jesus and Rappers: The Gay ‘Rap’ On The Messengers.”  When Negus (not n#####! Black kings!) were whispering behind your back and blog sites were calling you and Wayne “gay”—I defended your right to be affectionate to Wayne without the connotation of gayness being put on your back. I was the only hip-hop blogger that defended you and when I met you in Miami (2011 Spring Break), I told you these things! Yes I did!

(Me & Birdman. Excuse the effed-up photo. Photog got summarily fired after this! LOL)

After all, I’ve been advocating for gays/lesbians since 2007 to have a voice in mainstream hip-hop. I am the self-professed, self-proclaimed “Spiritual Advisor to Gay Hip-Hop.” I carrying this title with great pride, even in the face of homophobia—being called “D/L,” “F##### Lover,” etc. (Who would believe that a “straight” black man would advocate such heresy in hip-hop? Well effin’ believe it!)

But now, Birdman—I—we—hip-hop needs some answers!

Birdman, I know you’re an aloof little fellow—that your money has you thinking you don’t have to answer to anyone (and you don’t, but this will be your final undoing!)—that you’ve insulated yourself with “yes men” and the like, but now ain’t the time for aloofness! Your manhood—Doff! Your sexuality and legacy is being hotly contested.

The Internetz are claiming a few things about Birdman—that he’s signed and/or cosigned little-known (gay-transgender-loving) rappers Chasegod and Starshipgod to Rich Gang Records. Chasegod has expressed his love for transgender entertainer Sidney Starr and now, Starshipgod is talking hella sexually reckless about his new boss, supposedly Birdman of Cash Money Records. Evidently, these two are from the “Lil B School of I’m Gay.” Listen to Starshipgod put Birdman on sexual blast! S### is wild, son! Real or media w#### cooning? You be the judge!

I don’t have a problem with gay rappers, per se. I’ve already expressed my gay rapper sentiments with a proven track record on Google. The problem is that these rappers, Starshipgod, in particular, has put Birdman’s alleged bedroom business in the streets! He’s saying Birdman f**ked him! He’s saying,“Birdman fu**ed me in the a$$ for the deal! I sucked Birdman’s d**k!” WOWZERS! Sweet baby Jesus! Now what do you say Birdman? Are you gonna act like this young-a$$ gay dude ain’t on your radar? Starshipgod says, “Birdman loves us!” Well, do you? And furthermore, since you (Birdman) have an affinity for associating yourself with flagrant “gayeties” (and [straight] “man-code” violations)—from Kissing Lil Wayne on the lips—to signing the very feminine-esque Yung Thug who calls his homies “bae”—and now, evidently, apparently Chasegod & Starshipgod. Like, what it do? Like Lil Wayne & Birdman, Chasegod & Starshipgod love to kiss each other. Have a look!

I really hope these rappers are signed to Birdman! Really! We just ain’t seen any paperwork or photos of Birdman and them together. All we have are these gay rappers Instagram claims & pontifications. Can you please clarify Birdman? How could you have signed a dude that tells the world he f##### and sucked you? Is this the ultimate publicity stunt on their part? And why haven’t you run to the Internet to deny these allegations? Right about now, Baby, Birdman (or Bae to your Young Thug family)—you’re looking hella gay!

Hip-hop needs more diversity. As I’ve always said (as a 1st generation hip-hop head. I was 19 years old when “Rapper’s Delight” hit the airwaves)–Rap music fell off the hump of that gay Disco Era Camel and those of us who really know the deally know that at least one of the founders early pioneers of hip-hop is gay! (Yes! I said it! Don’t make me start name-droppin’!) This too, will one day come out in the rinse once the TRUE history of hip-hop is written–without bias!

I applaud any gay person for living their truth openly & honestly! I abhor the bombardment of the uber-black-machoistic-male stereotype—the black man as hardcore gangster rapper, womanizer, and super-sexualized-coco-money-getter. If Chasegod & Starshipgod are on Birdman’s team, cool. But he might wanna settle them lil n##### down a tad! Or is this Birdman’s way of coming out? We’ll be waiting for an answer Birdman. Don’t let us come to our own conclusions! In da meantime Birdman, hip-hop needs answers!

Khalil Amani writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Originators & Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Spin Magazine,, The Biography Channel. Author of six books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” ( ’07). Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani.