Nipsey Hussle Moves 60 Copies Of New Album At $1,000

Nipsey Hussle Is Getting GUAP Off New Album

Nipsey Hussle stays hustling and his Proud2Pay movement has becoming a staple for the rapper with him moving about 60 copies of his new album at $1,000 per copy.

The rapper released his latest MailBox Money and gave fans the option to download it for free, get it on iTunes or pay $1,000 for a physical copy with several bonuses.

Nipsey said that he was surprised to see so many people paying that much money for the album.

“It surprises me. As much as I believe in it. Every time I get a transaction, I get a text on my phone, and I’ve been hitting them back,” Nip told The Guardian. “The feedback and the connection I have with these people help me understand the psychology of the person paying $1,000 for some songs that, realistically, you could download for free.

The highest human act is to inspire. Money is a tool – it’s the means, not the end. [Inspiration is] the metric that dictates whether or not a project is a success. It’s more realistic than trying to aim for radio play, or trying to satisfy an A&R, or the other gatekeepers on these platforms. I don’t even know how to create with those things in mind. But if you tell me the goal is to inspire? That makes my job a lot easier.”

These 60 people will get free access to Nipsey’s next album, which will be called Victory Lap.