Nusret Kurtishi Brings Art and Acapella Together to Inspire Junior Artists

So far, Kurtishi’s songs have reached over 100 million views on YouTube.

A world without art, culture, or creativity would be bland and monotonous. The 21st century has seen developments in the arts and culture space, giving rise to many types of music and other forms of entertainment. Many musicians have recently started using auto-tune and other technology to create songs.

With the clamor for top slots being at an all-time high, the music industry has been inundated with pieces that use profanity and violent imagery as artists try to make it big. However, there are still artists who believe in their craft and have refused to compromise on the right way of doing things or on their value system. Nusret Kurtishi is one such person.

Kurtishi is a multi-talented artist from Macedonia who prefers to make music acapella. (Acapella means the song is produced without instruments or backing tracks, which allows for a purer sound that draws on natural vibrations). To Kurtishi, it’s crucial that listeners can receive his message with no distractions or “filler.” Going the acapella way allows his listeners to decode the authentic emotion behind his lyrics and reflect on the message he’s passing. His mission is to use his voice as an instrument and his words to impact countless lives worldwide.

In a world where division and hatred are commonplace, Kurtishi sets himself apart from other musicians through the lyrical composition of his songs. Kurtishi believes it’s important to censor his lyrics with no profanity or obscenities because words have power. His goal as an artist is to spread hope, love, peace, faith, and positivity to his audience.

“I’m an artist with a lot of messages,” he says, “and I want people to clearly understand my message.” His strong vocals, thought-provoking, inspiring lyrics, and commitment to continuous improvement have attracted the attention of music lovers worldwide.

So far, Kurtishi’s songs have reached over 100 million views on YouTube. His music is also popular with other music streaming platforms like Spotify, where it attracts over one hundred thousand monthly listeners. In addition to these achievements, Kurtishi has earned multiple awards for his music and is currently rated as one of the Top 5 Most Famous musical artists in North Macedonia. For the past few years, his style of music has brought him a lot of love and success, and he hopes to maintain his fans’ confidence in him. More than that, Kurtishi hopes to touch many more lives in the coming days.

Besides producing music that gets the crowd, Kurtishi hopes he’ll inspire and mentor a new set of musicians and artists. Kurtishi’s dream is to perpetuate his legacy through a group of junior artists he will mentor and train to succeed in the industry. He’s also keen on assembling a team and building a unique acapella course that will guide new artists on the ins and outs of the music industry.