Pat Hilton Is A True Inspiration

Pat Hilton’s music resonates with so many due to the passion and emotion behind his lyrics.

Pat Hilton is inspiring countless individuals through his music. Growing up in St Louis, Missouri, Pat Hilton had a dream of becoming a musician. His dream was inspired by artists like Led Zeppelin, Boston, and The Rolling Stones. Their music helped Pat Hilton overcome his toughest challenges, and he wanted to be a spark of light in somebody else’s life as well. His journey began when he picked up an acoustic guitar in grade school. He spent his childhood mastering the guitar in hope of one day inspiring others through music. 

Pat Hiltons journey was treacherous, to say the least. He spent many years homeless, sleeping in his car traveling from state to state performing at boutique venues. Struggling to gain serious momentum, Pat Hilton started posting clips of his music on Instagram. Notorious real estate investor, Grant Cardone, caught wind of his videos and invited Pat Hilton to perform at his 10x growth conference. Pats Hilton’s life has never been the same since. Since that event, Pat Hilton has blown up and performs at the largest networking events, and conferences in the country. 

Pat Hilton’s music resonates with so many due to the passion and emotion behind his lyrics. Having gone through the trials and tribulations he has, allows Pat Hilton to sing with enthusiasm, and authenticity. When listening to his music Pat Hilton “wants people to know that the struggles and the sacrifices they hear me go through and the songs are things that they can overcome in their everyday life too.” Pat Hilton’s main intention with music is to inspire others and be a source of hope for anybody going through a difficult time. 

Pat Hilton is currently working on an album series. This body of work will be full of performances from his live events. The songs are all about overcoming obstacles, overcoming struggles, and the perseverance that it takes to become successful as an artist and a dreamer. You can check out his previous body of work on Spotify, and be sure to follow him on Instagram.