People are stupid.

Before u read another word u will have to come to terms with that fact.

I’m gonna use that word A LOT.

People are inherently stupid.

This election cycle proves that more than any other in my lifetime.
It brings the stupid out of folks. Katrina Pierson, Boris Ephstyn, Jeffery Lord, Paul Manafort, Kayleigh Mcenany, Scottie Neil Hughes, Dr.Ben Carson, Carl Higbie, Mark Brown, Darrell Scott, Corey Lewandowski, Jeff Sessions, Omarosa, Jan Brewer etc.

They’ve got two things in common;

  1. These are brilliant people.

  2. They work for or support the Trump campaign which has pulled every ounce of stupid out of them & brought it to the forefront.

Trust me when I say that there is nothing I enjoy more than watching a Trump surrogate or supporter twist themselves into a pretzel on CNN trying to defend some dumb s### Trump has said. It’s kind of frustrating but fun to watch them lie, feign ignorance, & try to deflect questions.

US Presidential candidate Donald Trump opens Trump Turnberry Golf Course Featuring: Donald Trump Where: Turnberry, United Kingdom When: 24 Jun 2016 Credit: WENN.com
US Presidential candidate Donald Trump
Credit: WENN.com


“Mr.Trump said, ‘I AM GOD’. Thoughts?”

TRUMP SURROGATE: “Let’s talk about the REAL issue here, Hillary Clinton’s emails.”


Watching reasonably bright people try to defend the ramblings of an idiot is comical too.

TRUMP: “I can walk on water & not get wet.”

CNN ANCHOR: “Mr.Trump said that he ‘can walk on water & not get wet’. Thoughts?”

TRUMP SURROGATE: “Let’s talk about the REAL issue here, Hillary Clinton’s emails.”

Still stupid.

I can’t even list all of the dumb s### Trump has said, it’s too f###### much. Recently he did an interview & said that Putin wasn’t going to go into the Ukraine.

When the interviewer informed him that Putin had already invaded Ukraine Trump tried to say he meant that if he was president Putin wouldn’t f### with Ukraine. No idiot, we heard you the first time. He ran to Twitter as usual & tried to clean it up. Too late. Trump doesn’t wanna be the President, he wants to be the Twitterdent.


This feud between Trump & the Khan family is beyond stupid. The immigrant Muslim parents of Army Captain Humayan Khan who was killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq, appeared on stage at the Democratic National Convention in Philly. This is a Gold Star family, a family whose son or daughter has made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.
The father gave a rousing speech in broken yet articulate English, about Trump’s stance on Muslim immigration. his wife & the mother of Captain Khan standing silently by his side. At the conclusion of his speech Mr.Khan told Trump that he had “sacrificed nothing” & offered Trump his copy of the U.S. Constitution to read.

The s### hit the fan.

Of course the Twittander-in-Twief jumped on Twitter & started mashing those keys, pounding out some b#######. He actually accused Mr.Khan of “viciously attacking” him, of being a political operative & pawn of the Clinton campaign, & of politicizing his son’s death.

That’s sorta funny because a week before he had Patricia Smith, the mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith, on stage at the Republican National Convention tearing Hillary Clinton a new one, DEFINITELY politicizing her son’s death. Let’s be clear, “War is the continuation of politics by other means”, so any war related death is political, just as a death at a clandestine foreign outpost is. Trump is a f###### idiot. I just wrote that here because that’s what I was thinking. Trump also intoned that maybe the mother didn’t speak because her Muslim faith wouldn’t allow her to.


What a f###### idiot.

Thomas Keane Christopher Reeve foundation celebrates the strength and courage of Christopher and Dana Reeve with an evening at the Marriott Marquis hotel Featuring: Thomas Keane Where: New York, New York, United States When: 06 Nov 2006 Credit: PNP / WENN
Former New Jersey Governor Thomas Keane
Credit: PNP / WENN

There’s an overflow of so much stupidity every time he opens his mouth. From encouraging violence at his rallies & offering to pay for any legal fees the participants may incur, to calling a U.S. federal judge who was born in Indiana a “Mexican” & saying that he couldn’t be impartial or perform his duties due to his Mexican heritage. “The very definition of racism”, said Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, one of Trump’s fellow Republicans. More on his dumb-ass later.
Trump is just incredibly stupid.

He tried to say some goofy s### about the Democratic candidate for Vice President Tim Kaine, citing all of New Jersey’s failures & shortcomings under his leadership as governor. That’s cool, candidates always criticize each other during campaigns, it’s to be expected. The only thing is, Tim Kaine was governor of VIRGINIA. Tom Keane WAS the governor of New Jersey.


What else did this dumb muthafucka do… Oh yeah. How about when he mocked a disabled reporter, or when he called Mexicans rapists, or when he said “I know more about Isis than the generals do, believe me.”

Believe me, indeed.


Some people do believe him. Some probably probably think that he knows more about Isis than al-Baghdadi. You know what we call people who believe Trump?


I wonder when was the last time he went to church before he began running for president. I wonder if he can quote “two Corinthians”? If you’re an evangelical & u believe Trump is a God-fearing man?

You’re stupid.

You believe that a man who procured FIVE deferments for the Vietnam War ( & lied about watching the draft numbers being called from his college dorm room ) is going to save you from Isis? A guy who let other guys die in his place in Vietnam. If you think a bully & a coward is going to protect you?

You’re stupid.

You think a person that makes all his products in other countries is gonna suddenly move all of his interests back to Amerikkka & give you a job, or make all the other companies that left Amerikka come back & employ you?

You’re stupid.

You think a man that praises Vladimir Putin, leader of our arch-enemy Russia & Kim Jong Un, the psychotic leader of North Korea really has Amerikkka’s best interest & security in mind?

You’re stupid.

If you have endorsed Trump but you constantly have to refute his asinine comments but refuse to rescind your endorsement…then guess what?

You’re stupid. ( I’m looking at you Paul Ryan / Mitch McConnell )
Let me say that I’m REALLY disappointed in these two. They aren’t exactly at the level of dick-sucking that we watched Chris Christie sink to but they still know how much of an ass Trump is & they still endorse him.

If u get fired by Trump & you continue to kiss his ass like Corey Lewandowski, you know what you are?

You’re stupid.

Hollywood tourists at the walk of fame were confronted with an unusual addition to Trump's Famous Star. Someone had built a 6" tall grey concrete wall around it. Complete with 'Keep out' signs and topped with razor wire. The unofficial addition to the iconic star appeared early Tuesday afternoon, to the amusement of onlookers. There was no word as to who created the humorous installation. However the miniature wall was adorned with 'Stop making stupid people famous' which is believed to be the work of L.A. street artist Plastic Jesus Featuring: Donald Trump Where: Hollywood, California, United States When: 18 Jul 2016 Credit: Nick Stern/WENN.com
Hollywood tourists at the walk of fame were confronted with an unusual addition to Trump’s Famous Star.
Credit: Nick Stern/WENN.com

Trump wants to build a wall on the U.S. / Mexico border. He plans on making the Mexican government pay for it. Mexico’s president has already said that there is “NO WAY” that they would pay for such a wall which would cost at least 12 billion USD to construct. A ladder only costs about 75 bucks. If you think that
Trump would ever be able to build that wall at Mexico’s expense…

“Eres estupido”

Trump has made no bones about trying to “Make Amerikkka’s Great Again” which is basically a dog whistle that means let’s take it back to the ’50s. I dunno if it’s 1850 or 1950 but I don’t wanna go back to either. I don’t wanna be a f###### slave & have you ever seen any black people on LEAVE IT TO BEAVER? Me neither. I don’t know what in the f### these muthafuckas are thinking. The main boot-lickers are Mark Burns, Darrell Scott, Sheriff Clarke,
Dr.Ben Carson, Omarosa, & those two jigaboos Diamond & Silk.

Either one of these coons would snitch on Harriet Tubman & they are not to be trusted by anybody black. I’m pretty sure that Clarke, Scott & Burns think that they’re white & probably have white wives & kids named “Colt” & “Becky”.

If you’re black & you support Trump….wait for it…

You’re a f###### idiot.

If you go on CNN & attempt to slander Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton & blame them for Captain Khan’s death, you should probably check to see who was president when he died. It was 2004, Bush was president.

Katrina Pierson…

Opening night for The New York Spring Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall - Arrivals. Featuring: Donald Trump, Melania Trump Where: New York City, New York, United States When: 27 Mar 2015 Credit: Joseph Marzullo/WENN.com
Donald Trump, Melania Trump
Credit: Joseph Marzullo/WENN.com

You’re stupid.

If you stand up & tell reporters that Melania Trump didn’t plagiarize parts of her RNC speech from Michelle Obama after we all saw the comparison video…

You’re stupid. ( I’m looking at u Paul Manafort )

If you want to give the nuclear codes to a n##### that didn’t even know what the nuclear triad was ( even I know what the nuclear triad is & I’m dumb as a dead brick. Submarines, bombers, & ICBM’s )…

You’re stupid.

If you leave tax reform up to a tax cheat who won’t release his taxes…

You’re stupid.

Think about this.
The Great God of the GOP, Ronald Reagan, gave his first post nomination speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi where three civil rights workers had been murdered in 1964. He didn’t talk about black & white unity, but rather about “states rights”. Dog whistle. He’s also buried at his library in Simi Valley, CA. where the officers who beat Rodney King were tried & acquitted, thus sparking the LA riots of 92.
If you think that Trump is an anomaly & his rhetoric isn’t an accurate reflection of the Republican party…

You’re stupid.

If you wear one of those dumb-ass “MAKE AMERIKKA GREAT AGAIN” hats you know how you look?


If you don’t catch my theme, then you’re stupid as f###.

Everything Trump has done is idiotic. Do u really want to put an orange demagogue & a Yugoslavian woman who sounds like Ivan Drago into the White House?


Trump doesn’t even want to be President, he just wants to win. He has no idea how to BE president. This dunce would cause an international incident everytime he opened his ridiculous mouth.

So f###### stupid.

What really p##### me off is how the Trump campaign tries to make us the stupid ones. Trump will say or do something incredibly stupid & you’re like, “I SAW THAT!”, then Trump’s campaign says, “NO™ YOU DIDN’T”. They try to pull a Jedi mind trick on you.

Just insult the f### out of your intelligence.


Trump doesn’t have a monopoly on stupidity, tho. He has his own special brand of it to be sure, but it isn’t his & his alone.

Democrats do stupid s### too.

These email incidents are f###### ridiculous. From Hillary using private email servers & sending & receiving classified information, to the Russians hacking into the DNC’s emails.

Wikileaks released them resulting in DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepping down & three other officials resigning with more to come. The leaked emails showed the DNC actively working against one of their own candidates, Bernie Sanders, discussing ways to slander him, including using his religion. Basically the DNC got exposed for doing the type of s### we thought only Republicans did. Why did they actually write that type of s### down & send it in an electronic transmission? Democrats need to start using smoke signals or something.


Former U.S. President Bill Clinton campaigns for Hillary Clinton at John Jay College of Criminal Justice on Manhattan's Upper West Side Featuring: Bill Clinton Where: New York, United States When: 10 Apr 2016 Credit: WENN.com
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton campaigns for Hillary Clinton
Credit: WENN.com

Dems also have an optics problem. Why in the f### would Bill Clinton get off of his plane, walk across the tarmac to board another plane & go kick the willie-bo-bo with Loretta Lynch, the attorney general of the United States? The lady who makes the final decision on whether or not your wife Hillary gets indicted for her email scandal? Yeah, Bill & A.G. Lynch supposedly talked about golf & grand kids. Yeah, whatever. I don’t care if they talked about the God particle or the lyrics to “HIT EM UP”. The s### LOOKED bad. Why the f### would Bill go talk to her?


(Side note, Hillary didn’t get indicted. Go figure.)

Now this s### about Amerikkka sending Iran $400 mil in assorted currency at the same time that Iran released four Amerikkkan hostages.
This s### is actually more complicated than it looks.

Air Force One landing at Berlin Tegel airport at the beginning of Barack Obama´s visit to Berlin. It is President Obama's first visit to Berlin and he is due to deliver a speech today (19th June) at the Brandenburg gate which will mark the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's speech in Berlin in 1963 when he said Ich bin ein Berliner. Where: Berlin, Germany When: 18 Jun 2013 Credit: WENN.com
Air Force One
Credit: WENN.com

First of all, this is Iran’s own money that Amerikka has had since the 70’s for an arm’s deal that fell apart after the Shah was overthrown. This payment was a side deal of the larger Iran nuclear deal. It was kind of like, “ok, we’ll do the deal, but we need a sweetener. How about that 400 mil ya’ll owe us from ’79?”

The hostage release talks had already been underway on a separate track from this deal but Iran didn’t release them until the money was on the ground.

I know, I know, it looks like ransom money. I don’t know what actually happened & I don’t profess to know. I just know that the optics are f###### terrible. To be fair tho the Iranians could have purposely made it look like a ransom payment to create a certain narrative favorable to them. It’s feasible. They have done something like I t before. In 1981 they released 52 Amerikkan hostages as soon as Ronald Reagan was inaugurated.

Although President Carter’s administration had done all the legwork the Republican narrative was that the Iranians so feared Reagan that they released the hostages. B#######. If they wanna take ownership of that they gotta own the release of the 11-12 billion dollars of Iran’s money that was frozen when Iran seized the Amerikkkan embassy in 1979 during the Shah’s removal. The release of the hostages coincided with Reagan’s inauguration b/c Iran didn’t want to start the negotiation process over again with a new administration. So, hostages home, no muss no fuss with the Reagan administration, & a few years later, voila!

So, both hostage releases involved s### that occurred in the ’70’s. & money that already belonged to Iran. The difference is the narrative. The GOP wants to own the actual release of the hostages without mentioning the 11-12 billion that Iran was given back to ensure their freedom. But the optics look good for Republicans, Iran releases the hostages as soon as mighty Reagan is elected!

A lot of b#######, smoke, mirrors & omitting the truth.

So with all that said, although it’s all in how you frame the facts it still looks like a ransom.


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and recently declared vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine speak at rally Featuring: Hillary Clinton Where: Miami, Florida, United States When: 23 Jul 2016 Credit: Johnny Louis/WENN.com
Hillary Clinton
Credit: Johnny Louis/WENN.com

For Hillary to do a damn interview & say that FBI director Comey found her to have been truthful during his investigation into her emails is a g###### lie. We heard what Comey said, & it wasn’t that Hillary was honest as George Washington.
Telling that lie was…


Look, Hillary Clinton has been in politics her whole adult life. Of course she lies.

They all lie. It’s what they do.
Don’t act surprised or act indignant.

That brings me to all the non-voters, Bernie or Bust-ers. & third / fourth party voters.

I have to be careful right here because I have a lot of respect for a muthafucka who sticks to their guns. However, this ain’t the election to try & make a point. Now, if you don’t care who wins between Trump & Hillary then by all means do your thug-thizzle. Don’t vote.
Vote for Santa Claus, f### it.
I know it’s hard for some Bernie people to fathom voting for Clinton. A dude gave me an analogy, “if someone stole your car would you put gas in it for him?” I responded, “f### yeah, if he was driving me away from someone trying to kill me!”
I know, I know. Voting is a scam, the system is rigged, and all that other Alex Jones s###.
I don’t give a f###.
I’m voting just in case this s### is real. I have my doubts but at least I’ll be able to look my kids in the face.
I tried to stop the tangerine colored muthafucka.

Bernie Sanders car decals at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia Featuring: Atmosphere Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States When: 26 Jul 2016 Credit: W.Wade/WENN
Bernie Sanders car decals 
Credit: W.Wade/WENN

I just don’t understand people voting for a person who they know has absolutely no chance to win. None. If you don’t want Trump to win you have to hold your nose & vote for Clinton. Neither Dr.Stein or Gary Johnson have a chance to become president. Not a f###### chance. Its like its the Broncos versus the Panthers in the Superbowl & you’re betting on m the Cleveland Browns.

We’ve seen this movie before. Remember 2000 when Ralph Nader f##### up the election for Al Gore & gave us George “Devil #2” Bush? Or in 1991 when Ross Perot s### on Bush 41?

At least we got Bill out of that one. Or when George Wallace handed Nixon the presidency from Humphrey in 1968? I think there are some more but I’m too lazy to look. You get my drift? All a third or fourth party can do is spoil some s### & we can’t guarantee that the bad guy will lose.

I get it tho. You want to vote for someone who you’re proud to say that you cast your ballot for.

That s### is stupid.

F### that. This is real life.

If you really care about this country you’ll vote for whoever has the best chance of beating Trump. I wouldn’t care if Hillary Clinton shot both of my kids in the face in the middle of the street, I would still vote for her over Trump.

This is an either / or choice.

This isn’t a multiple choice test, this is a TRUE or FALSE test ( or a FALSE & FALSE test ).

I promise you, in 2020 as long as Trump isn’t running for president I’m with ya’ll. I’ll vote for Bugs Bunny, D.B. Cooper, or Tupac.

Whoever ya’ll want. I fully agree that we need a third party, maybe even a fourth, but this ain’t the year for that s###. Trump gotta go. F### all that idealistic hippie s### & running around wearing Guy Fawkes masks, lighting firecrackers & calling it a revolution.

Donald Trump announces VP pick Micheal Pence in New York Featuring: Donald Trump, Mike Pence Where: Manhattan, New York, United States When: 16 Jul 2016 Credit: TNYF/WENN.com
Donald Trump and Micheal Pence 
Credit: TNYF/WENN.com

If you’re not Mr.Robot or a member of Anonymous trying to actively dismantle the system then you’re just a person p##### that your candidate didn’t win & trying to f### it up for everyone else. Trump is reckless bordering on psychotic.

He doesn’t understand working for the people. He wants to rule the people. Trump wants to set up a quasi-royal family complete with himself as King of Amerikkka & his sons & daughters as princes & princesses. Look at how he talks about himself in the third person. He’s a world class narcissist who thinks that other people exist just to serve him.

We can’t let a man like that anywhere near the nuclear codes.

If you still can’t bring yourself to pull that lever for Clinton think about the Supreme Court. Scalia is finally died & we don’t need the King of A####### appointing 2 or more justices just like him & shaping the country for the next 20+ years. They’ll be ruling o challenges concerning both civil rights & a woman’s right to choose. He’ll be dead & gone & his stench will still linger behind, suffocating the f### out of us for years to come.

Look, I’ve got two daughters. Two black females, one who happens to be gay.

I don’t want a Republican anywhere near the White House, especially a Know-Nothing Know-It-All like Trump.

I hated George W. Bush but he never made me want to leave the damn country. I’m trying to learn the f###### words to “O CANADA” right now. I’m actually proud of the Bushes for saying “F### TRUMP” & skipping the RNC.

Ditto for Lindsey Graham & John Kasich. I’d usually say “F### THEM” but those boys done good this time around. I’ve had my own love-hate relationship with Amerikkka over the years, but I’ve never been embarrassed to be from here before.

Now I’m f###### ashamed.

Even if Trump loses the fact that there are actually people here who believe in his stupidity makes me want to get the f### out of here. I don’t wanna be around anyone who is that poorly educated that they believe Trump.

Even some Republicans know that Trump’s a damn clown. A f###### carnival barker. Naw, even worse. Someone told me on Twitter that he’s like the clown in the dunk tank who insults everybody that walks by. Agitating them until they either shell out some money to try & dunk his dumb-ass or leave.

Still not convinced?

Don’t think about it as voting FOR Hillary, think of it as voting AGAINST Trump.
There’s more here at stake than having another Clinton in the White House.

We have to keep Trump out.

Don’t be stupid.

Trump Rally at Westgate Resort and Casino Las Vegas Featuring: Donald J Trump Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States When: 15 Dec 2015 Credit: Judy Eddy/WENN.com
Donald Trump
Credit: Judy Eddy/WENN.com