Producer Official ZeZe Is Tearing Down Asian Hate In Music

Zeze is now one of the most established managers in the music industry. On

The population of Asian-American musicians doing full-time music is disproportionately slim. ZeZe is a Chinese-born musician who is tearing down walls of Asian hate in the music industry. ZeZe started his early music life at the age of 4 years old through the influence of his mother. He was later admitted to the Royal Academy of Music in London, in which he studied music compositions along with orchestral arrangements. Born in China, he strongly believes that his Chinese culture is being undervalued and underrated. In a recent interview, he claimed “People need to know that we have good music and immense talents in China, just like we have here in America. We are also people that value, respect, loyalty, and love”. 

Holding this belief, Zeze is looking to combine his experience and studies of Chinese instruments and orchestra arrangements with the modern-day electronica and Hip Hop genres to further promote his culture and deep values. He has recently passed Juice Wrld on the top 40 Itunes chart for his collaboration track with award-winning producer Jun5.

Zeze is now one of the most established managers in the music industry. On top of his achievement in music, he is also an international entrepreneur who owns a multi-million dollar exotic car dealership – APMG. Zeze’s day is always fully booked by his customers, artists, producers, and various types of investors coming from all over the world. 
With his many accomplishments, ZeZe wants one thing to be clear: Asians have a tremendous place in the music industry.  

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