Seasoned Producer MAJES Shares His Top Wisdom

Like any other aspiring artist, Majes also faced numerous challenges in pursuit of his musical dream.

Building a dream in music can be a relatively complex task for many but rewarding for those who persevere. It demands more than just talent, and Majes is a classic example.

Formally known as Francois Besnard Leguay, Majes is a top producer living his dream after years of ghost-producing. The multi-talented artist shares a profound understanding of music production, creating music across various genres such as house, trap, deep house, and pop. Majes is also the resident producer for the Red Bull Music France tours and Summer Vibes tour, a role he has held since 2020. Recently, Majes struck a significant career highlight by acquiring a booking at Tomorrowland Winter.

Like any other aspiring artist, Majes also faced numerous challenges in pursuit of his musical dream. It took him quite some time to start making a living from music. This includes many trials in a competitive world, where innovation and adaptability are core to survival.

If you feel like you are facing challenges, Majes has some wise words for you. The road to success is never easy, and you need to make sacrifices to bring your dreams to life. If possible, Majes encourages you never to rest from pursuing what you believe in. Instead, always work harder, pushing the limits to progress and improve your skills. Though it sounds classic, never give up.

In the coming years, Majes is focused on releasing more music and hopefully expanding his music fan base to the global stage. His dream is to play and perform at all the biggest festivals working with other top international brands. For Majes, the dream is to inspire and entertain many people.