Second Woman Says Usher Gave Her STD, Sues For $10 Million


(AllHipHop News) Another woman has a major issue with Usher, stating that the singer gave her herpes after having sex with him.

The sex act allegedly happened this year and she has responded with a $10 million lawsuit.

A “Jane Doe” filed the lawsuit, stating she and the singer linked up at her Atlanta home. She stated after foreplay, oral sex and other acts, they had sex. She stated they used a condom in that instance on April 16. However, 12 days later in a New Orleans hotel, they had sex without a condom, the suit says.
Oddly, the woman does not claim that she has Herpes Simplex 2. She says she would not have bedded the singer had she known he had the virus.

She is suing the singer for negligence, battery and emotional distress and the $10 million, according to TMZ.