SHHHHHH – Somebody Disses Jay-Z…That Should Just Shut Up.


(AllHipHop Rumors) You know…Jay-Z’s new album is classic in a modern sense. It may not be as classic as his old stuff, but it is in this present time. Get it? Anyway, the dude Michael Rapport has been on the fringes of Black culture for quite some time. I thought homie was cool but now he is talking all kinds of crazy at every turn. Its like he is an old man stricken with dementia and talking all crazy.

He’s said a number of things and set his sights on Jay-Z. He has said that the new album, 4:44, is not a Hip-Hop album and that he he doesn’t care about his personal problems.

There has been a lot of coded language coming from white folks on this album. I dunno…sounds like something he couldn’t relate to on the low low low.