TDE Announces New Rap Collective ARFOM


Top Dawg Entertainment just revealed a powerful new collective of rappers known as ARFOM headed up by label exec Punch!

If you thought that Kendrick Lamar’s departure from Top Dawg Entertainment was going to stop their grind, you had something twisted. The West Coast label has recently dropped a new roster of rap champions and is hoping that the new crew will have the same impact as the inaugural crop.

Terrence “Punch” Henderson has released a trailer for the ARFOM collective, an acronym for A Room Full of Mirrors. The nine-person posse will release an upcoming visual EP called Money Bags.

The mini-movie, which is musical like “Purple Rain” meets and complicatedly gangsta like “Reservoir Dogs,” was written and directed by one of the members Lyric Michelle.

Who all are in ARFOM?

The label executive Punch and the following artists: Nick Grant, DayLyt, Earlee Riser, Billymarie, Lyric Michelle, Ichiban Don, Hari and Jrias Law. 

Many might know Nick Grant from his previous offerings to the Hip-Hop universe. His 2017 NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert has been critically acclaimed and underrated.

DayLyt brings his cache from the battle rap world. There he is considered one of the best to ever to put pen to pad. Unfortunately, his trolling antics make people unsure about trusting whether or not he would show up in full performance form during a battle. Luckily, when it comes to this music thing, everyone is clear that he is gifted and committed.

Now everything makes sense. Over the weekend, Daylyt posted his farewell to the battle rap world. Guess, we see why!

“Bow out gracefully! Thank u all for the ride”

There will be a special screening of the visual EP on November 17th during a private event in Compton, CA.