The Odd Side: The Week of The Producer

Flying Lotus and SBTRKT released two dope albums this week, and some rappers made an appearance. Welcome to the Odd Side.

Have you ever looked for a sound that’s different in hip hop. Sure, we already have artists like Kanye West, Drake, and Rick Ross that are changing the game in little ways. However, there’s a plethora of artists that have left the normal realms of nice rhymes and  dope beats to create a sound that’s oddly new to the genre. With EDM producers collaborating with rappers, rappers taking undefined steps in their sound, and Danny Brown collaborating with damn near everyone, Hip Hop is merging into something weirder, but it’s remarkable. It makes you wonder, where hip hop is really going, and where’s music going to be in the near-future? Welcome to “The Odd Side” a new weekly column that will emerge you into this world of hip hop.

This week, dynamic electronic producers SBTRKT and Flying Lotus released their anticipated albums Wonder Where We Land and You’re Dead, two albums that both show a darker side to their productive talent more than ever. While Flying Lotus  Even though SBTRKT and FlyLo have their own  musical style, but both producers didn’t shy away combining  it with a respected rapper.












Flying Lotus has to be one of the dopest producers you didn’t know you’ve heard before. His music has been heard on Adult Swim, along with brief shorts for his video “Zodiac Sh*t” and the birth his rapping alter-ego, Captain Murphy. The LA-based producer has worked with a ton of rappers, and even did a collab with Erykah Badu. Flylo’s newest project, You’re Dead, implements jazz with his euphoric instrumentals. The album tries to illustrate the concept of life after death, and the video for his single “Never Catch Me” featuring Kendrick Lamar shows you just how. You’re Dead is a pretty brief album, but it’s a breath of fresh when wondering where producers are going with only their beats.

SBTRKT is an electronic producer that has taken his computerized sound to new environments with his new album Wonder Where We Land. Tracks like  the singles “Temporary View” and “NEW DORP NEW YORK” are upbeat and incredible, but Wonder Where We Land has a darker tone compared to SBTRKT’s self-titled debut album. Along with a new sound, comes new features, and the masked producer brought in some very interesting artists for this sophomore LP, including A$AP Ferg and the up-and-coming ATLien, Raury. Although this may be the first two official rapper-collabs for SBTRKT, he’s remixed MIA’s XXXO and Drake also rapped over his production for “Wildfire”.

Whether you like both producers, only one, or neither of them, this week was definitively their week. Both projects received critical acclaim, and their fan base loved what the final projects came out to be. For some of you reading, this may be the first time you’ve heard these producers ever in your life, but this won’t be the last. Make sure you look out for next’s week’s post for The Odd Side.