The Perfect Valentine’s Day: Inspired by the Artistic Works of Lil’ Mo, Katt Williams and Janelle Monae

Inspired by the artistic works of Lil’ Mo, Katt Williams and Janelle Monae, Clayton Perry offers some refreshing Valentine’s Day advice.

Recently, I was asked to discuss my ideal Valentine’s Day. Surprised by my very own response, I have come to realize the power and strength behind some inspirational advice distilled from P.S. I Love Me, Lil’ Mo’s latest album.

The perfect way to celebrate? 24 hours spent “LOVING” myself, of course! [*grins*] Although we spend a great deal of time pursuing – or fostering – life’s unpredictable love affairs, the equivalent amount of time, money, and energy is rarely directed to the person we should love the most: ourselves. Many religions ask that we, as humans, love each other AS we would love ourselves. But in the midst of all this loving, how often do we boomerang these sentiments in acts of self-love?

Do not be fooled into believing that the affirmation of self equates to narcissistic thinking. (Several years ago, Katt Williams preached quite humorously: “Take care of your star player!” And more recently, with the release of “Cold War,” Janelle Monae sounded a prophetic clarion call: “Do you know what you’re fighting for?”)

On this upcoming Valentine’s Day – and every single day hereafter – be sure to start/end your day the way it should: “press pause” and allow peaceful stillness to clear your mind of all stress, then assertively whisper to your spirit: “P.S. I Love You”!

[SIDENOTE, for those readers who prefer dramatic effect: complete this task in front of a mirror daily – with your best primal yell – followed by an indiscreet “Im-sexy-and-I-know-it” wink! And for the decisively mature, or purposely immature, a DISCLAIMER: Katt Williams like to cuss – a lot!]

For all the “Johnny-come-latelies,” hop on board the J-Monae train!

Did I mention that President Obama is proud member of #TeamMonae? (LOL!)

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