The Socialite: You Make Me Better

It’s official, Jay-Z and Beyoncè are… geniuses; super geniuses. I know, I know, I know; usually when their names are spoken in the same breath, speculation isn’t too far behind. However, being the maverick that I am, I would like to be the first to thank them for giving best friends and couples everywhere something […]

It’s official, Jay-Z and Beyoncè are… geniuses; super

geniuses. I know, I know, I know; usually when their names are spoken in the

same breath, speculation isn’t too far behind. However, being the maverick that

I am, I would like to be the first to thank them for giving best friends and

couples everywhere something to gauge their connections upon.


You are looking at the definition of a Power Connection. Their

business remains on their terms. You might see them together, but you’re not

getting anything more than a sighting. Superb.


Just like the smash single, they make each other better. For

example, in the video for “Upgrade,” pay close attention to Beyoncè’s

mannerisms; her grit, her cockiness and her swag are the clear and direct

result of the influence that Jay-Z has on her.


As for Mr. Carter, having Ms. Knowles as somewhat of a protégé has to be the

ultimate motivator to push forward. Also, pay close attention to his smile;

whether Beyoncè is just his good friend or so much more, part of his sunbeam

has her name all over it.


They also share a common mentality/work ethic. In the summer

of ’06, I had the opportunity of meeting the legendary Will Smith and his amazing

wife Jada Pinkett-Smith at a Juvenile Detention Center in Philadelphia. Will,

Jada and friends gave passionate speeches, spreading the message of positive association

to the troubled youth in attendance.


Will broke down to his listeners that they are only as

strong as the five people they associate themselves with on a daily basis. You

couldn’t be more correct, Mr.

Smith. It is your choices in

association that will determine whether you’ll be a productive individual or

counter-productive individual. There are no exceptions to this rule.


Imagine what it must be like to have Jay-Z and Beyoncè

sitting down together, brainstorming about potential business ventures, product

endorsements, taste-making and trend-setting. This is how the rich gets richer.

As long as they continue to have each other’s back, their backs will be the

only body parts their competition will see.


Switching speeds a bit, I want to jump back into the first

point that I made in regards to having a Power Connection. Your neighborhood,

the internet and the entire world for that matter isn’t entitled to knowing all

of your business. It’s almost as if people are playing hot potato with fresh

information these days – like your tongue will skydive from your mouth if you

don’t run it. I’d like to call this verbal epidemic, 100 meter dash mouth.


For example, if you’re a woman who has a good man, there’s

nothing wrong with speaking of the way that he treats you to others. Maybe you

like the fact that he massages your back without expecting a sexual favor, or

that he calls you his Sweet Pumpkinsmacks. Who wouldn’t? But realize that once

you go beyond the mental and/or spiritual praises, you just might be opening up

a door to current or future dilemma.


Let’s be truthful, your close friend is not going to run off

with your boyfriend because he calls you Sweet Pumpkinsmacks. Who would? However,

your close friend might secretly push up or pray on your downfall if you speak

of his soft kissable lips or other intimate things. This also goes for the

sharing of explicit photographs.


Think of it this way, a California brush fire that destroys

thousands of acres in its path often begins with the smallest spark. So if

you’re willing to start the fire, you can’t complain when your home is reduced

to the size of a toothpick.


I know what you’re thinking… “That’s my close friend, I

should be able to talk to them about anything – it’s not my fault if I told

them how often I get ‘put to bed,’ they still shouldn’t step in on my



Well I have four words for you: Better safe than sorry.


100 meter dash mouth can also put you in a bad predicament

if you give too much information about your ex-beau to your potential beau.

Yes, gaining some information or giving out some information about why a

previous relationship didn’t work out could prove helpful to both parties. However,

what you don’t want to do is give information that could render you vulnerable.


For example, a young man just had his heart broken by his

ex-girlfriend. She not only slept with his best friend, she’s stolen money from

his mother’s home and subjected him to mental abuse. After taking a break to

re-evaluate what he wants out of life, he’s back on the market and immediately

meets a new woman. While getting to know one another, he makes the mistake of

divulging too much information in regards to his previous heartache. While

consoling him, she takes mental notes of what not to do in order to keep him



Well for those who’ve said, “I remember when you were so

good to me, but now,” you should know that the mask can’t be kept up for long.

By the time that the young man realizes that he has been manipulated, the birth

of a child and a one year engagement has sucker punched him in the stomach.

Yes, an example like this actually happens more often than you’d believe, from

either perspective.


The definition for what a friendship or a relationship

should embody has been altered over the past five years, and to a generation

that doesn’t know any different, the plunge into social obscurity will only sharpen.

Just like associations, words should be chosen wisely. Quality is what matters,

not quantity. It is ok to keep something for yourself, ultimately protecting

one of the greatest investments that you own – your heart.


Tips from The



Words are best used in quality, not quantity. Be selective…We’re no longer on the playground where making a friend was

a game of tag away. Study the people that you hold close to you. Ask yourself

if they make you better, and vice-versa. Make sure that you’re on the same page with those who matter

to you. When real recognizes real and driven recognizes driven, you’re not only

on the same page, your story of success shall be written with the same pen.If you don’t want your business to be out in the streets or

used against you, don’t trust anyone with it.