Road to the White House has New Trump Tower


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The Latest New Hotel

Road to the Whitehouse has New Trump Tower — 
of Racism

What an amazing time for racism and antisemitism. Instead of the Golden Age, it’s a Manure-ish Age of hellish behavior.
Brought to you by — the Herr Trump campaign and the Breitbart white supremacy movement.

Enemy of the People, Breitbart apostle, Stephen Bannon, who should have been vetted better, is not only a wife beater, he wants to be sure his kids are properly aggressive too. So it surfaces in court documents, that he instructed his wife not to send the kids to a certain prep school because there were too many Jews there and Jews grow up to be whiny brats.

That’s quite a complaint yourself Loose Bannon. Who’s the brat now?

And Herr Trump shows yet again he cannot properly choose a staff and when it comes to people, he is best suited for firing. Another brilliant display of how he fixes nothing, manages poorly and fired his way to his next set of mistakes. Hiring a white supremacist to be a key official in an American presidential campaign in the year 2016 is as ugly and asinine as hiring third-rate artist Adolf Schicklgruber Hitler to paint Abe Lincoln’s portrait.

It has also been documented that Trump didn’t want any Black accountants handling his money. Trump said that was the sole purview of “short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.” Nice Jew baiting again. And it’s a two-fer. You get to trash Blacks while spitting Jewish stereotypes at the same time.

What an impoverished attitude.
Trump the Impoverished. The intellectually and morally bankrupt phony money guy. Nice matching luggage with his financial bankruptcies. [At this point is it Trump or T-rump ?]

Herr Trump – Teaching America to attack its way to the top of – where?
Illusion Mountain.

Whatever Kool Aide he drinks that allows Trump to call himself leadership material needs to be discovered and destroyed.

What a giant fake.

Trump can’t go one week without attacking Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, Jews.
It’s a legacy of gratuitous hate.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has called the sign on Trump International Hotel & Tower 'tasteless,' and requested its removal, prompting Donald Trump to defend the sign as 'magnificent,' as reported by CBS Chicago Featuring: Atmosphere Where: Chicago, Illinois, United States When: 13 Jun 2014 Credit: C.M. Wiggins/WENN.comHis latest attempt to say he is a friend to the Black community is the height of gall. As my grandfather used to say, “More gall than Hitler.” Yeah Baby.
Trump – suddenly the Black community’s friend and in an attempt to cover his impossibly large tracks of racism – he calls Hillary a bigot.
She’s not. He is. — Next.

Let’s face it, we all know the bigger the talk – the smaller everything is.
Trump is an ironically c######## feather-weight.

Woof Tickets – that’s what he really does well. He sells woof tickets and the only people buying his act are those who ae too naive to know they are in the presence of a Class-A con artist. He’s lucky there are still so many IQ deficient people in the world.

Trump’s need for constant adulation has gotten him the mass attention he’s addicted to but probably not as he planned it.
Classic racist. Classic hypocrite.
His villainy has become the stuff of legend.
Trump has become the new biblical standard for epic evil in an enlightened world.
He is the new benchmark for greed. New Standard of Narcissism. New high watermark for colossal stupidity. Every time he lies, cheats and sandbags himself – he is caught immediately. The media is making a fortune finding his lies, deceptions, hypocrisies, contradictions, crimes and moral failings. His clinical stupidity is surpassed only by that of his IQ deficient followers.

His problems with minorities are particularly glaring for their longevity where the Black community is concerned. Numerous special reports including the New York Times, have uncovered Trump’s housing discrimination and the special instructions his staff was given to keep African Americans out of Trump properties.

His has no apparent strategic skills. He was foolish enough to bring all these investigations on himself because of his outrageous claims and Jekyll-Hyde attempt to woo the Black community after attacking numerous minorities for months. That Trump is now reaching out to the Black community for support is as crazy and callous as the rest of his social policies.

However, this infamous cloud does have a disconcerting silver lining. Trump is performing an inadvertent public service. We thought we knew how many of our fellow Americans were I-Q deficient. We thought only a handful would buy any simple-minded answer from a con man with absolutely no substance.

Well, now we have actual numbers.
He’s creating a paper trail of our most half-witted Americans so we can improve our educational system – ASAP.

Indeed Trump has become the new epic standard for greedy, piggish behavior. [But why give the pigs a bad name? ] He joins the ranks of Scrooge, Hoover firing on the Bonus Marchers, Walmart CEO Michael Duke, Yum CEO David Novak – all the archetypal symbols of the baseness of mankind. And now, all the other stinkers are safe. They’ll never be ’Number 1’ again – Trump has that all locked up. That should make him happy.
Finally there really is something Trump genuinely excels at.
Trump is an Excellent Villain. He’s Number 1, Best in Show.
He is the classic Ugly American, reviled around the world and with very good reason.

Hopefully the rest of the world knows that genuine Americans can’t stand Trump either.

Another Day – Another Tower
Adolph HitlerHerr Speer and Herr Schicklgruber-Hitler, another punk who knew more than the generals –
See you in Moscow …