Vicfamous Label Brings Contemporary and Traditional Sounds Together.

Every year, the folk music industry struggles to maintain relevance.

Folk music has an exciting story to uphold. While many of us are walking in parallel with the evolving music industry, the genre is still trying to figure out where it’s going. One way the folk music industry is attempting to stay sustainable is by thriving on its adaption in the mainstream by popularizing it with more mainstream artists. These attempts of creating hybrids using contemporary sounds and folk music don’t just promise some great music, but essentially the merging of two genres into one. This is what the folk music industry is truly striving for.

Victor Hugo Hernandez Bitter, who popularly goes by the stage name Vicfamous and is a singer-songwriter from Venezuela, is an example of how two different genres are merged. He produces a fusion of folk and pop music that is unique and can combine various musical genres, making it harder to categorize. Vicfamous has released songs such as “Animal Print” and “Ardiendo to great success on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes. Vicfamous has made a name for himself by writing, recording, and releasing songs with his signature sound. In addition, he experiments a lot with mixing different styles of music to create a unique blend of his own.

The dilemma that currently faces the music industry is how to stay sustainable. While there are plenty of artists who are trying out new and innovative ways to make money, there are still others that stick to the conventional structure of music. These industries are more focused on the consistent release of hit after hit. The label Vicfamous is part of Los Chamillos and is an example of one such label where one artist can create a wide variety of songs in a short period.

The merging of folk and pop is essential for the survival of folk music. Latino folk music is struggling to stay relevant in modern times. This trend is what’s going to revolutionize that genre for this generation and beyond. The future of folk music does not look bleak, but as long as it adapts and continues to thrive, it will be able to outlast any competition that comes its way.

Vicfamous is releasing a song called “Háblame Claro” on June the 20th! He will publish and distribute the music through the Los Chamillos record label, his friend Jairo Escobar’s label. The record label plans to expand and create more content shortly.

Every year, the folk music industry struggles to maintain relevance. The ever-changing trends and the urge for creativity can be seen as beneficial to the genre, but it also means that the music industry must work even harder to stay in business. The primary way they’ve been able to do so is by localizing traditional materials to cater to modern tastes. This is what Los Chamillos Records have been doing since its creation in 2022.