WATCH: Nipsey Hussle’s Visual LP “The Marathon” Debuts With Intimate Stories About The Late Rapper

Nipsey Hussle

A new visual album for Nipsey’s classic “The Marathon” just debuted on YouTube! Take a look!

A visual album inspired by late hip-hop star Nipsey Hussle’s seminal mixtape The Marathon premiered today. 

The 2010 release marked its 10 year anniversary in December, and now The Marathon has been turned into a digital documentary, created by designers at OkiDoki with the blessing of Nipsey Hussle’s loved ones.

The film tells Hussle’s story using an animation of his silver 2010 Mercedes Benz SL550 convertible, as it cruises through the streets of Los Angeles. The whip makes stops at local landmarks pivotal to the rapper’s growth, while the mixtape’s songs provide a soundtrack to the documentary.

The footage is interspersed with quotes from the late MC, as well as new interviews with relatives and collaborators.

“It was very evident that bro was talented but bro didn’t move and didn’t react or record unless he felt inspired. So it was times we used to have paid verses that we would find. ‘Bro we got this guy he want to give you $5,000 to do a verse’…If bro didn’t feel it or wasn’t inspired it was not getting done even though we knew we can go in there and knock it out in 10 minutes like we seen him do before he just wouldn’t do it because you know it wasn’t inspiring to him,” Nipsey’s brother Blacc Sam revealed.

“Even producers, big producers. We got singles, movie soundtracks, so many looks. If bro didn’t feel it or wasn’t inspired It wouldn’t get done. Me personally I used to get frustrated, we used to get mad, but that was what was special about bro,” Blacc Sam said.

Nipsey Hussle’s face is never shown in the film, as per the request of his brother, Blacc Sam.

Explaining why he wanted to celebrate The Marathon, Sam told Billboard, “(The Marathon) forever reminds me of Nipsey’s genius, vision, and his intuitive purpose to inspire others above all at all costs.

“Nipsey’s determination, dedication, and integrity were displayed in every day of his life. His marathon mentality will forever inspire.”