Webbie Collapses During Performance in VA

Webbie is reportedly recovering after collapsing on stage during a performance at 213 Lux Lounge in Roanoke, VA

Webbie suffered a medical emergency this weekend while performing in Virginia. The rapper stumbled off stage and had to be carried out of the club. 

The rapper had been performing to a packed crowd and initially appeared to be having no issues. However, at some point during the night’s events, he was seen on camera looking unwell and was then ushered out of the building by his team. He was pictured staggering out of 213 Lux Lounge in Roanoke, VA where he was playing his set on Friday night.  

In the clip, Webbie struggles to stay upright as he makes his way off the stage, reaching out for assistance but then staggers to the ground. The rapper is then surrounded by his entourage and security who help carry him out of the building.  

Immediately speculation began that the Louisiana rapper had some sort of seizure. TMZ reports that they received an update from a representative for Webbie who says that he is doing better. The rep says that following the incident, Webbie was checked out by a doctor and given the all-clear to leave the hospital.

Webbie took to his Instagram stories to share a post from his promotor, updating fans on the situations. DJ Showtime wrote: “I’m one of the promoters for the @webbietrill show. Webbie put his fans before his health last night. He performed a great show up until that point. Most humble and professional artist I’ve worked with. After speaking with his @djtgutta he is doing well & in good spirits #Dumbway” 

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Earlier this month, Webbie made the headlines after a shootout at his concert in Lafayette let one dead and another injured.