Who The Hell Is Nicki Minaj Talking About?

Nicki Minaj Is Mad But Is She Mad At The Right People?

First of all, who is Nicki Minaj talking about? In a recent post, the rap mistress revealed that there is a mysterious cadre of of people holding her back. Below is what she said and what she posted on her Instagram:

The caption reads:

Thanks to u guys, The Pinkprint is the #1 Rap album on Billboard for a fifth week. What happens when your album is streamed 70 million times? What happens when you’re the #1 streamed artist of December? Nothing, that’s what. Everyone benefits but the artist in 2015. Very different from the good “old” days. #BigBusiness #ButForWho Thank u for the support u guys
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First of all, WHO is she talking about? Spotify? Pandora? Beats Music? Rdio? She should name names. I say that because she is talking streams of music. Does she think that her albums being streamed 70 Million times means she should have sold 70 million units of The Pinkprint? She thanked her fans for making her #1, but I wonder who she believes is streaming that album 70 million times. Certainly not her enemies or the omniscient bad guy. Anyway, I think Nicki and artists like her have it infinitely better than artists back in the day. Back then, a lot of artists got jerked crazily and didn’t have nearly the opportunities that present day artists have. I know there were some tradeoffs like marketing and promotion, but that all came out of the artists’ budgets. I am certain she is flustered, because the streaming money is lame compared to iTunes or the rapidly fading physical album. Her team is one of the most savvy in the rap game. I am certain they are getting that money, despite the fact that she is signed to the infamous Cash Money Records. Business aside, Nicki is one of the few artists in control of her destiny is, while there are modern day challenges, she has a freedom most will only dream of.